Friday, October 26, 2007

Man in Space

What do you call an American who travel to Space?

What do you call a Russian who travel to Space?

What do you call a China Man who travel to Space?

So when all these people does not travel to Space anymore, what do you call them?
Forget Me Not


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Night Race? YES!!!

The Governing of F1 has confirmed that ...


FIA Green Light Singapore Night Race

Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has confirmed the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix will take place at night as planned. The inaugural Singapore event, to be held on a new street circuit in the Asian city, is scheduled to take place on September 28.

“We are well on our way to creating history," commented Colin Syn, Deputy Chairman of Singapore GP. "With two positive lighting tests under our belt, we are on track to delivering the first night-race in Formula One history.”

The second new venue for the 2008 season, Valencia, is also understood to have received track approval. The event, to be titled the European Grand Prix, will take place in August on a newly-constructed street circuit around the Spanish city’s redeveloped marina.

In its latest update to the 2008 schedule, the FIA also confirmed next season’s Canadian race, removing its previously provisional status. The Montreal event will take place on June 8.

Sources from Official F1 Website.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nothing Fantastic

Per what the title suggest, this had been a rather Nothing Fantastic Week. Well did linked some local celebrities blog site into my blog thou. :D

Although its a short work week with only 4 working days (Its a practice in Avago Technologies to have the following Monday as non work day if the the public holiday falls on the Saturday), the days just went by without me knowing.

Didn't bother to move my arse outta the house as I had suffered from shoulder & arms muscles ache for almost 3 days. They just gotten better on Thursday.

On Sunday Eric & I went to this new adventure place in Singapore. Its call Forest Adventure & its a huge playground for both Children & Adults.

Basically its an obstacle course with couple of Flying Foxes rope repelling across the nice scenic Bedok Reservoir.

Sorry I am too busy hanging within the trees by the ropes, so no photos were taken. Well if I have another opportunity to visit again, will definitely grab some pics.

Have a nice week end. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will there be a Night Race in Singapore?

In today's SportsCenter broadcast @ ESPNStar Channel, there is this report on whether is there a possibility of a Night Race to be held in Singapore.

As usual there are the blahs blahs blahs... 2 things that tickles my funny bone.
  1. The total estimated cost to light up the entire Singapore circuit may cost about $1 Million (Didn't mention in which currency though?). However the cost can half if they don't light up both sides of the Roads!?!?! hahaha!!!
  2. Lighting Expert - Valerio Maioli EMPHASIZE "The Singapore's Government does NOT allow him to cut any TREES along the track" hehehe!!!
Full Reports here.

F1: Lighting expert powers night race hopes
Formula One’s first ever night race looks odds-on to succeed thanks to Lighting expert Valerio Maioli.

The Italian, whom F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone depends on whenever he needs something done, revealed his grand plans to provide enough light for the race at the press conference today.

Maioli revealed that he was approached by Ecclestone to tackle the lighting problems in the garden state’s race and was intrigued by the challenge.

“I love him for his brain for ideas,” Maioli said. “He asked me is it possible to run by night? I tell him please let me study it because I think it’s a great idea but I don’t know if it’s possible – I have to study.”

After some costly research in France, Maioli managed to come up with a solution that will make it safe for the drivers and marshalls and, at the same time, make the race visible for the television cameras and the rest of the media.

The night race will require the power equivalent to almost four football stadiums or a light level of 3,000 lux. Miaoli also faced a unique problem Singapore’s roads – trees and lots of them. He has managed to mark out the trees and worked around them.

Maioli's proposed lighting system for the track involves some 1,500 lighting projectors to be powered by 12 twin-power generators. The 24 generators are expected to be fitted in "special protected areas" and will power, in addition to the lights, the PA system as well as the track's monitoring equipment, said Maioli.

SportsCenter presenter Christy Simson was impressed with Maioli’s master-plan.

“Despite his problems, Miaoli has come up with a solution that the FIA reported on very favourably in October,” said Simson. “He also invented radio communication for F1 way back in 1981. This man is a genius.”

Sources from
Singapore ( By - Eugene Han

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do you watch TV Programs?!?!?

Ever since our place got signed up for Starhub Cable, other then the usual Sports Channel where my husband will glued to the screen whenever there is a Soccer match especially Chelsea, my next favorite channel is AXN.

I like AXN mainly for the dramas & its reality shows. The all time favorites are the series of CSI (Las Vegas); CSI (New York); CSI (Miami); Lost; Nip Tuck; Ghost Whisperer. Reality are Amazing Race, Fear Factor & those from MediaCorp Channel 5 of Survivor & American Next Top Model.

Of all these listed, my favorite still be the crime solving gang of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). After watching so many seasons of CSI, there is a difference in production between the 3 although they are all produce by Jerry Bruckheimer.

CSI - Las Vegas.
Longest running CSI series from the bunch. Season 6 just completed its airing @ Channel 5. Season 7 completed its series @ AXN. Season 8 just started in the US last week.
This series has a lot more drama compare to the NY & Miami. You can see more crime solving detective & lab work. Characters played in this series are more down to earth & with crime solving attitude.

For those whom still ponder will Sara dies in the hands of miniature killer... A sneak peak & hope the series will air here soon.

CSI - New York
This series of CSI has its base in the heart of New York City. No doubt there were always saying about how snobbish New Yorkers are, but this pool of Scientist & Detectives have chemistry.

Season 3 ended @ AXN 2 weeks ago. Season 4 started fortnight ago in US. Same as CSI - Las Vegas, in season 3 there is romance between Danny Messer & Lindsay Monroe is well celebrated by the fans. They even created a website just dedicating their fond.

Not enough of CSI New York, here are some of best moments.

CSI - Miami
To tell you the truth, I find that this is the most glorified CSI out of the 3. In this series, you will see all Detectives & Lab Techs are all good looking, wears flashy clothes & even the pathologist puts on most up to style sun glasses.

On top of this, all the characters are very decent in looks & they can drives a Hummer on their job! Miami is more violent compare to the rest of the series where every episode will have a full scene of gun fighting shoot outs!

The most interest factor of this series is Horatio Caine. He loves to meddle with his sun glasses by putting it on most of the time, taking it off when he wish to make a one liner sentence & I wonder does he suffer a neck problem.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Statistic as of now...

Ok Ok.. I am blogging about Formula 1 again, bear with me. ;)

During dinner, Eric & I are discussing what is the chances for Alonso continue to clinch the season champion for 2007. Well this is not something impossible although Hamilton is almost like virtually one hand grabbing on the World Champion Trophy.

For Alonso to continue his winning regime, he needs to WIN Sinopec Chinese Grand Pix in Shanghai this Sunday & at the same time Hamilton in worst case scenario no gain of points. Then as discussing & going through the probability of points combination between Alonso & Hamilton, there is this scenario...

What if at the end of the 17 races, both of them have the same championship point? Hey don't think this is not possible ok...

So if such situation happens, then the person with the most winning races shall clinch the title. This prompts my curiosity & here are some interesting statistic I had discover.

Out of the Total 15 Races being commence since 18th March 2007

McLaren-Mercedes won 8 Races.
Ferrari won 7 Races

Fernando Alonso won 4 Races
Lewis Hamilton won 4 Races
Kimi Räikkönen won 4 Races
Felipe Massa won 3 Races

For 15 races Ferrari & McLaren dominated the entire all Podium Number 1 place.

Well 2 more races to go & we will see what comes next. :)

Here is a list of past Season Champions

Monday, October 01, 2007

F1 Coming to Singapore Sep 2008

After many months of anticipation, the circuit in Singapore for F1 is finally release last Saturday. This circuit was not much of different from its originally proposed other than the loop round the Fortune Fountain @ Suntec City was remove due to safety concerns.

One of the most interesting aspect of this circuit is between T13 & T14 there is this route where it passes through Anderson Bridge. One intriguing aspect of Anderson Bridge is... This is one of the oldest working bridge in Singapore - 97 years old of age to be exact.

Hence it has a speed limit of 90KM/H. Therefore comes the race, F1 drivers will need to slow their cars to not > 90KM/H. As speculated with Ching Wei, the most efficient way is to press the Pit Lane button while approaching this bridge. Where Pit Lane button will make the car reduces its speed to 80KM/H. HAHAHA!!!

For more F1 Singapore News, you may log in to this Official Website :

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Source below from Julian Lim / The Straits Times

THE F1 Singapore Grand Prix street circuit has received in-principle approval from FIA, the world governing body for motorsports, Minister of State for Trade and Industry S Iswaran announced on Friday.

Expressing delight at the speedy go-ahead, the Minister said: 'This approval has come quite quickly, within just four months since we announced the hosting of the F1 race.'

But the race promoters, Singapore Grand Prix, are still awaiting confirmation on whether it can stage a night race, which will be held exactly one year from now on Sept 28, 2008.

Mr Iswaran said the race promoters, with the strong support of government agencies led by STB, have made good progress and are on track to presenting a very special race to the world next year.

He described the Singapore's street circuit in Marina Centre as a compelling win-win proposition for Formula One and Singapore.

'It will be an attractive and exciting Formula One race venue on many counts,' he said and went on to highlight the track circuit.

The Singapore Grand Prix is Asia's first street race and it will run counter-clockwise, making Singapore one of only three circuits in the world to do so, along with Istanbul in Turkey and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Spanning 5.067km, with 14 left hand turns and 10 right hand turns, the Singapore street circuit will present several thrilling straights and tight turns for dramatic action that will not only test the capabilities of the F1 drivers but also satisfy even the most avid race enthusiasts.

From a Singaporean perspective, the circuit will showcase Singapore's skyline in the heart of the city and many historic buildings.

It will take the F1 drivers and half a billion television viewers past some of our iconic landmarks like the City Hall, the former Supreme Court, the Padang and The Esplanade. As you can well imagine, the scene outside The Esplanade will be quite different one year from today.

The in-principle go ahead for the circuit from FIA will pave the way for road works to commence.

The Land Transport Authority will manage modifications to some existing infrastructure such as road kerbs and traffic islands as well as the construction of a new 1.2 km road alongside the pit building that forms the start and finish straight.

The FIA will make several inspections on the progress in the coming months and issue the full circuit licence after the final inspection on the week of the race itself.

Mr Iswaran said Singapore is awaiting confirmation from the FIA on whether the Sept 28 Grand Prix will be the first night race in F1 history. STB and other government agencies are working closely with the race promoter to ensure the lighting trials run smoothly, he said.

Meanwhile, Singapore GP will launch the sale of corporate hospitality packages in November and the season passes in December.

Night racing has become the latest fad in Formula One, even though an actual race has yet to be held under floodlit conditions.

Whilst it would certainly be a spectacle to have F1 cars screaming around the city circuit against the night sky, the economic dimension of having the race at a more convenient time for viewers in Europe is just as crucial.

Malaysia, Japan, China, and India have all been said to be looking at possible night races to cater to European audiences, who would have needed to wake up at 3 or 4am to catch the season opener in Melbourne this year.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has already impressed upon Australian race organisers that night racing is imperative, with global viewership of the Melbourne leg falling from 339 million in 1999 to 82 million.

However, drivers have also been divided over the issue of safety, with some concerned about the possibility of a mid-race blackout, and blinding glare coming off puddles in the event of rain.

The organisers of next year's race in Singapore have given the assurance that safety is of prime concern, and a night race will only happen if the motorsports' governing body, the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), gives the go-ahead.

Recent trials of night-time racing in France were successful, and two more trials - one in Singapore and one overseas - are expected soon.