Friday, May 29, 2009

Google expanding their Global Footprint

Google is almost every where! You log into Google homepage, there are so many things which this primary search machine can offer.
You can search information, images, news etc.. Plus now there are Google Mail, Google Apps & even Google Earth!
Hehe my blog is also Powered by Google too!

Now they are even more adventurous. Google may enter F1 as a sponsor. News from

Google may enter F1 as sponsor
Co-founder Larry Page takes in Monte Carlo

The famous internet brand Google could soon be seen on the painted carbon bodywork of a Formula One car.

The company's co-founder Larry Page, one of the world's richest billionaires, was a guest of McLaren title sponsor Vodafone at last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.

Interestingly, the 36-year-old American is a friend of Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire who has been considering ramping up his Virgin backing of the dominant Brawn team.

Page was married on Branson's own Caribbean island, and the pair have also been linked in various business ventures.

Brawn is not the only team interested in Google sponsorship, however; every major outfit on the grid is believed to have put out the feelers as to how serious Page's interest is.

Source: GMM
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Thursday, May 28, 2009


You know our company wide had gotten rid of using Microsoft Exchange as our general email application & switch to Google Mail. Gmail for short. Initially when all of us started using this we really felt "Cheap". Why is it so???

Lots of functions which were so simple in MS seems like impossible in Gmail. For example
  • No drag & drop into folder.
  • No folder filing concept.
  • No sub folder concept.
  • No copy & paste from a source like picture or charts to compose mail body.
  • No nice word formatting like what we see in MS.
  • No mail attachments
  • No many many more just to name a few above.
Gmail is a web base application therefore all of us have to use Firefox & most of us here are not familiar with multiple tab browsing concept. However with these said, there are also lots benefit having us to switch. Not mention the amount of $$ being saved, also now one can read their emails any time any where if you have a browser phone & also VPN is not required to read mails as well!

Lately Google also introduce new patches that allow theme customization on the Gmail skin. What got me so facinated was the theme that I chosen actually changes its images base on the timing of the day. Come to think of it, this Gmail thingie is really not that bad after all... :)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Button Win

F1 beginning to be almost predictable over the last Races. Its like...

Button will take pole
Button will lead
Button will win

What happen to the rest of the drivers?
Ferrari struggled for the last 5 races of being diffuser-less. Car not performing per standard & also reliability issues.
McLaren is worst. Crappy car & Heikki Kovalainen crashes out almost every other race. Hamilton struggles with the most crappiest car throughout his entire career in racing. Overly pushes car & bang out he goes in Q1 for Monaco!
BMW don't know what happen, keep scrapping the bottom. Is it KERS or the driver???
My dear Renault - Alonso!!! haiz.. still unable to move up the grid...

Well we know the diffuser gang are doing well. When will the rest catch up????? If this going to maintain for the next few races, World Champion & Constructors Championship shall be decided Spa or Monza!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No more horse run...

Not sure who will be the next team to pull out if Ferrari decided not to participate in 2010.
But come to think of it, Ferrari has a huge fan base. Lots of revenue were generated in related mechanizing & even sponsorship of the races.
Therefore without Ferrari will you think there will be any more F1????

errari's Board of Directors, chaired by Luca di Montezemolo, held a meeting on Tuesday at their Maranello headquarters to discuss business matters, but high on the order were the recent decisions taken by the FIA's World Motor Sport Council regarding the controversial budget cap option beginning next year.

Under the 2010 regulations, teams opting to limit their budgets to 45 million Euros ($60m US) would enjoy much greater technical freedom than other teams, effectively creating a 'two-tier' series within Formula One.

Many teams find the matter unacceptable as it currently stands, and the FIA's deadline of May 29th in order to file entries for the 2010 championship only added pressure to an already volatile situation with some teams speaking of boycotts.

Today Ferrari has boldly stated that, unless common ground can be found, it will retire from Formula One at the end of the current season.

Speaking of the WMSC decisions, a Ferrari statement indicated that "for the first time ever in Formula 1, the 2010 season will see the introduction of two different sets of regulations based on arbitrary technical rules and economic parameters."

"The Board considers that if this is the regulatory framework for Formula 1 in the future, then the reasons underlying Ferrari's uninterrupted participation in the World Championship over the last 60 years � the only constructor to have taken part ever since its inception in 1950 � would come to a close."

A long-standing point of conflict has been the FIA's tendency to move ahead with its plans without � from the teams' point of view � taking the considerations forwarded by the teams under serious review.

"The Board also expressed its disappointment about the methods adopted by the FIA in taking decisions of such a serious nature and its refusal to effectively reach an understanding with constructors and teams," the Ferrari press release continued.

"The rules of governance that have contributed to the development of Formula 1 over the last 25 years have been disregarded, as have the binding contractual obligations between Ferrari and the FIA itself regarding the stability of the regulations."

The Formula One Teams Association is not against the principle of budget capping but many teams have been lobbying against the 'two-tier' system on the basis that the sport, like any sport, should have identical regulations for everyone involved. Now Ferrari calls for a change in the way F1 is governed as well.

"The same rules for all teams, stability of regulations, the continuity of the FOTA's endeavours to methodically and progressively reduce costs, and governance of Formula 1 are the priorities for the future," Ferrari affirm.

"If these indispensable principles are not respected and if the regulations adopted for 2010 will not change, then Ferrari does not intend to enter its cars in the next Formula 1 World Championship."

"Ferrari trusts that its many fans worldwide will understand that this difficult decision is coherent with the Scuderia's approach to motor sport and to Formula 1 in particular, always seeking to promote its sporting and technical values. The Chairman of the Board of Directors was mandated to evaluate the most suitable ways and methods to protect the company's interests,"
the statement concludes.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Controversies & Blunders (Spanish Grand Prix)

Do you think its team order in Brawn GP to have Jenson on 2 pit stop strategy while Rubens on 3 instead??

Wrong fuel calculation & making the same qualifying mistake again!!

These were the few questions I asked my colleagues whom are F1 fans this morning. All of them gave the same answers!

Yes its team order! Look at the face of Rubens! So unhappy. Ross Brawn was Ferrari tactician during Schumacher days! Well he did made lots of team orders Rubens then. No wonder Rubens was unhappy. Its so clearly portray they are in favor of getting Button on top of the table.

Come to think of it, I am really getting quite sick watching the race these days. Not being sour grape but just week after week Button is winning. No doubt last season it was either Hamilton or Kimi or Massa on the podium but there were still race excitements.

The blunders! Sorry I can't stop laughing..

Race Engineer: "Massa! you are consuming too much fuel for the last lap! Save fuel! Save fuel!"
Massa: "What you want me to do! I am defending my position"

I believe there must be some &^@#* which were censored.

Race Engineer: "Let it go Massa...."
Massa: "...."

Out of no where, Alonso being 16 secs behind Massa on the last lap, shot up & close the gap. He overtook Massa & there were loud roar on the grandstand. I cheer & clap at home too!!!
Go ALONSO Go!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Sequel to Cost Cutting...

This is a continuation of my previous posting of Cost Cutting...

See I have downgraded from tissue to kitchen towel. Its more cheaper to use kitchen tower then tissue for cleaning up during my daily brushing regime.

Today in our greatest surprise, the papers are back!!! Hooray


Monday, May 04, 2009

Sakhir - Bahrain

yawn.... Pictures, Images and Photos
yawn Pictures, Images and Photos

This was exactly how I felt watching the race. Boring. Not because there were no crashes, its just the race was so mundane.

When Button took the lead, its like almost certain if no mistake were made, he will win the race & he really did.

Was quite disappointed with Alonso where there were some good results shown on him during qualifying. Unfortunately the water pump didn't work...

Fernando Alonso gave reporters at the Sakhir circuit a scare immediately after the Bahrain Grand Prix, when he 'nearly fainted'.
The Spaniard finished eighth in the sweltering Sakhir heat, but was almost overcome by dizziness as he spoke with the media in the aftermath of the 57-lap race.

His Renault team explained that Alonso was dehydrated because his drinks pump failed to work during the race.

"He subsequently suffered from dehydration as he got out of the car. He has now fully recovered, said a statement.
Alonso concurred, telling the media he is 'fine'. He finished eighth.
"We only scored one point and so we need to improve at the next Grand Prix,"

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