Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting the Nose Fixed

Friends of mine will know I do have on and off nose problem. Either sneezing or an infection that leads to a fever. Lately this nose of mine is also not giving any problem less. It get painful which causes a migraine and I would say this is not something that I wish to bear along with.

Therefore today I went to see this ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. The clinic name is YH Goh Ear Nose Throat, Head & Neck Surgery. Sound scary thou.

Dr Goh is friendly & he has such good complexion that I even thought he is an Aesthetic doctor instead.

Well Dr Goh is very knowledgeable in this field & after consultation + a scope view (eeks) into my nose. He deduce I am not suffering from Sinus (Phew) but its more of an Allergy.

He gave me a list of Food that I should abstract... see below
Some of the food that you are taking may actually be making your allergic symptoms worse. It is widely believed that what you eat may be a bigger risk factor to your ENT symptoms than inhalation (air borne) triggers. Some of the commonly encountered food allergens are:

Main Food Group
Milk & Dairy Products
Eggs (egg white)

Minor Food Group
Citrus food

Plus a bunch of Anti Histamines for Day & Night + Nose sprays + Nose Wash!!!