Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Good Old Days (Part 1)

I was browsing my photo album in Photobucket; it brought back some nice memories viewing the pics.

Just to share with you on some nice captured moments.

The bunch of dudes I work with.

Yes we do!!!
All of us again
Dinner with Andrea
More of Jean during lunch
The Smart Days
The gorgeous
Planning Team - Clearer Pic

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Singapore Garden Festival

Last Friday, I took a off from work. Close friends around me will know when I am off, I'll be at my mommy place for the entire day. I love to laze there, she will cook me all the meals & what I need to do is eat & sleep.

However I decided to bring her out for lunch & visit the Singapore Garden Festival instead on Friday.

I knew mom loves flowers & definitely she'll like the place.
At the entrance

The exhibition consist of 2 levels. Level 6 will be the main attraction area where all the award winning garden arrangements were shown. Here are just some of nice flowers.
Red & White Anthurium

Africa Lilies & Hydrangea

White Roses & I think is Chrysanthemum

Snaps of us
At the entrance

The award winning Best of Show for Fantasy Design Creation -
Seeking Shangri-La

Its not only flowers, ain't these veggies looks delicious too

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom's birthday dinner @ Plaza Market Cafe

There are many food bloggers around & so you wouldn't see me blogging much on food anyway. However I don't deny the fact that I love food although I am very choosy on what I eat.

Last Sunday 21st July, its the actual day for my mother in law birthday. Over the last couple of years, normally we go to some restaurant. This year we decided to do something different.

Well normally on dinner there will be dishes serve to us & we eat. I thought of getting buffet is because the boys are all grown up & I think they will like it.

Moreover I know my father in law also likes to eat, but he eats very fast. Maybe its a man thing.
We all went to the Fairmont Hotel (its Raffles The Plaza la..) they have change name recently...
The restaurant name is the Plaza Market Cafe & it serve Peranakan as main with also cold cuts like oyster, sashimi, prawns & other shell fishes.

Here are some of pics taken. Not that clear though as the restaurant manager is staring at me...

This is part of the main course spread

The Suhi Chef
Sushi chef

Nice Soup

After the meal

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Constructor's Nation Anthem

Yesterday during dinner we had this discussion on if Nick Heidfeld is to win this coming weekend Hockenheim F1 Race, he will become a National Hero just like Lewis Hamilton winning in Silverstone fortnight ago.

See Nick Heidfeld being a German & driving in a German Nationality Team - BMW Sauber will have Germany's National anthem to be played on the podium if he comes in 1st.
We shall see what comes...

Back to the topic on National Anthem, we then start discussing the teams & the National to be played if their drivers got into 1st on Podium..

Well the obvious are the Ferrari where we always hear the Italians singing their lungs out when either one of their drivers are on the Podium, then we have God Save the Queen of England. We heard something different during the Canadian Grand Prix where Robert Kubica won. A Poland & German national anthem was played.

Then here comes my questions to him.

Jo: Constructor's Toyota & Honda which country national anthem to be played?
Eric: Japan!
Jo: But they are base in UK wor..
Eric: Eh.. Still Japan!

Jo: Force India (hahaha)...
Eric: Where else India la (with a slight shake of head)

Jo: Red Bull?
Eric: Hmmm.. UK??? I think so.. they are base there
Jo: Yes.. (Skeptical)

Jo: Toro Rosso
Eric: Good question! Maybe UK since its sister to Red Bull, but not sure.
Jo: .... (In my mind I think, I will find out)

Couple of searches from the Wikipedia, here we are.

Red Bull is Austrian.
Toro Rosso is Italian.

So Eric & Ching Wei are wrong.... *Giggles*

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you for the meal

Last Saturday I went to Terminal 3 for lunch because I need to pick up from Brother who is flying back from Tel Aviv. There are many food joints there & we decided on to this fast food place - Popeyes.

Popeyes is a fried chicken outlet. Most of my friends knows that I am a Chicken-tarian. hahaha.. My main meat intake is chicken because I does not take beef nor mutton. Pork is minimal for me as well.

After finishing the meal & enjoying my drink. A group of 3s came & sat beside us. The male of the threesome went to get their meal & came back with their feast.

Before they start, they are discussing or deliberating about something. One said, "ok ok I will say it but mine is very simple..." I went quite puzzle & listen on...

Then there are some quiet whispers.. Later I realized they are saying their grace...

Immediately I stare at my pile of chicken bones & mumble to myself as well.
"Thank you chicken for growing to be so fat so as I can eat you to fulfill my craving for today. You are so delicious"

My husband sitting in front me sigh & shake his head in dismay. He is a Christian by the way... HAHAHA.

I am soooo bad :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Pit Building is UP!

Few weeks ago, you may have seen some of my posted pics on the pit building that had been build by the Marina Bay waterfront area.


After doing some addition touch ups, our Permanent Pit Building had completed.

Singapore Completes Pit Building for World's First F1 Night Race
SINGAPORE - Singapore on Friday marked the completion of the pit building "nerve centre" for the world's first Formula One Grand Prix night race, officials said.

Built in about 10 months on Singapore's waterfront, the three-storey pit building will hold 36 garages for the race teams, race control facilities, a media centre, winners' podium and club for about 4,000 people, the Singapore Tourism Board said in a joint statement with race promoters.

"The pit building will serve as the nerve centre for the race," Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, said in a speech marking the S$40 million building's completion.

Singapore's first Grand Prix street circuit race on September 28 will also be the sport's first night race.

Source from: Channelnewasia

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Direct Feeds

Nope I am not feeding any animals or people.

I've just linked my blog posts into Facebook. See occassionally I will put some notes on Facebook, but then you know I blog as well. So some times I realize the stuff that I put on Facebook is similiar.

Maybe I very suah-ku (moutain tortoise in hokkien), didn't know about this feature that is available.

Very happy now as I only need to update one portal from now onwards. Yeah!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Do you see Resemblance?

Last Sunday 6th July 2008 was a very busy day for Sports fanatics especially those in England.

At the same day, 2 very big was happening there.

Formula 1 British Grand Prix @ Silverstone. Wimbledon Mans' Single Final.

We are all giggling behind for those celebrities where they must be in a dilemma which event they shall attend to grab to the most attention.

By now you should have known the results for these 2 event.

Lewis Hamilton (a Briton) won the Grand Prix in front of his home cheering crowd.
Lewis Hamilton British Grand Prix 2008

Rafael Nadal after fighting for 4 h 48 mins, beated Roger Federer by 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7.
Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 2008

So much of the results... Do you see a resemblance of both trophies?!?!?!?! Do you think they look similar? Do you realize all trophies awarded in England all looks almost the same? I wonder.... hahaha!!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

That's the way - I like It

I didn't watch today's qualifying for Silverstone British Grand Prix as its our Wedding anniversary cum Eric birthday cum Ruiqin baby's shower in the evening. Out for celebration.

Due to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship having the priority time slot at Star Sports, hence the repeat if qualifying is gonna be at 2:00am. Most likely I will be zzzz by then :)

So logging onto BBC Sports Update, I am half expecting the see the usual qualifying results of either Ferrari or BMW or McLaren clinching pole this week end.

To my greatest surprise its a McLaren not Lewis but sweet Heikki Kovalainen is on Pole. Second in place is Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing & followed Ice Man Kimi Raikkonen.

I am beginning to like this season.. No more domineering of races between the McLaren & the Ferrari.

Here are the Qualifying times for British GP:

1. Heikki Kovalainen (Fin) McLaren one minute 21.049 seconds
2. Mark Webber (Aus) RedBull-Renault 1:21.554
3. Kimi Raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari 1:21.706
4. Lewis Hamilton (GB) McLaren 1:21.835
5. Nick Heidfeld (Ger) BMW Sauber 1:21.873
6. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Renault 1:22.029
7. Nelson Piquet (Bra) Renault 1:22.491
8. Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:23.251
9. Felipe Massa (Bra) Ferrari 1:23.305
10. Robert Kubica (Pol) BMW Sauber no time
11. David Coulthard (GB) RedBull-Renault 1:20.174
12. Timo Glock (Ger) Toyota 1:20.274
13. Sebastien Bourdais (Fra) Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:20.531
14. Jarno Trulli (Ita) Toyota 1:20.601
15. Kazuki Nakajima (Jap) Williams-Toyota 1:21.112
16. Rubens Barrichello (Bra) Honda 1:21.512
17. Jenson Button (GB) Honda 1:21.631
18. Nico Rosberg (Ger) Williams-Toyota 1:21.668
19. Adrian Sutil (Ger) Force India-Ferrari 1:21.786
20. Giancarlo Fisichella (Ita) Force India-Ferrari 1:21.885

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A women's weakness - Shoes

I love to buy shoes. I enjoy buying shoes. I can't help myself on having a weakness for shoes.

Last weekend, we went to Central Mall for dinner. After the meal, Eric says he needs to go the bathroom. "Big Business" ... My eyes blinks with excitement. Not his business but I knew I had at least 10 mins to roam around.

As usual I quickly took an escalator to level 3, turn a few corners & found my favourite boutique. Its a small little boutique which sells some very interesting & nice clothes & SHOES....

I have been eyeing on their shoes for a long long long time. However I just can't bring myself to buy a pair as its Not Cheap... & also Eric will nag at me as usual on buying shoes Again.

Knowing I have some time, I went into the store, try a few pairs & got my eyes caught by this.

Fell in love with this immediately. Both sides are not identicle. The sole writes...
"Love is One Kiss, Two Kisses, Three Kisses, Four Kisses, Five Kisses, Six Kisses..."
So sweet.