Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is 13 a lucky number for me in the Year of RAT?

CNY is just round the corner, other then setting myself some time line to complete all my 12 To Do's, there is this one particular thing which I had ponder for > 1 month whether should I or should not...

This happen on a weekday afternoon where I am in a meeting...

Cell Phone rang....

妈: 咪啊! (that is what my mom calls me since young)
Me: AH!
妈: 明年鼠年, 报纸说你要买十三条红色的内裤来穿! 这样会带给你好运和顺利!! 不过最重要的是可以挡灾...
Me: WHAT?!?! 每天穿?!?!?! "笑"啊!!!
妈: 没关系, 穿在里面没人看!
妈: 我留这那份报纸给你看...
Me: OK OK.... Bye...
Can't wait to hang up & stop her from rattling further. (my head still full of question marks ??? when I hung up the phone...)

I did not gave any further thoughts on this for weeks & couple of days back... the cut newspaper came & it wrote...

在2008 鼠年里, 肖鼠者有血光之灾, 必须改穿红色内裤, 以逢凶化吉?
信不信由你, 这可是著名命理学者李局明的预言.
The rest are like blah blah blah...

Would you follow such prophecies written on a gossip papers?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh NO!!!! CNY is COMING!!!!

My last blab was almost 2 months ago in Nov 07. Been busy doing bleh stuff & didn't have time to think much about what to blab about.

Today I looked at the celendar & OH NO!!!! its already mid of January. I have almost < 3 weeks to prepare for Chinese New Year (CNY for short)!!

Geeze while I am writing here, all the things to do start swarming into my head. There seems like thousand & one things out there which require me to lay my hands on.

See CNY is really "The Next Big Thing" amongst our family. Throughout the years I have mommy dearest to take care of everything under the sun. Now is only Joanne & me. *Sob* *Sob* *Sob*

Where should I start?!?!?!
  1. Buy Goodies for visitors
  2. Buy mandarin oranges
  3. Clean up the house
  4. Dust off the 1 year old dust & cob webs on my window pane. Damn I have 17 panes of windows to clean!
  5. Wash & change the curtains
  6. Change my bed sheet
  7. Clean my gate & put up the decorations
  8. Need to do the math again how many Ang Pows & how much of new currencies shall I need to change from the bank
  9. Need to get new Ang Pows which represent the year of the Rat
  10. Need to give my Dad, my Mom, my Uncle, my Mother in Law & my Father in Law some $$ for them to kick start their preparations
  11. Need to get the haye on my head done with something
  12. What else?!?!?! etc.... did I miss out something........

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can you solve the puzzle?

If you wish to exercise your brain cells a little bit more, maybe you can give these few puzzle a try.

How to get started?

Click each link & will bring you to the game. Click & explore within the room & collect all objects found. All the objects found will have an intent to it. You may also wish click the found object & see whether it leads to further clues in escaping the trap room.

Happy Playing.

Crimson Room

Viridian Room

White Chamber

Blue Chamber

Let me know when you are able to escape either one of the rooms or chamber.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I will like to dedicate this post to my Friend Larry Medina.

Happy Birthday!