Monday, July 13, 2009

I will follow you...

Some one asked me this afternoon... Why I be a Ferrari fan next year?
My ans : Yes!! If Alonso going there next season!!???!!! HAHAHAHA

Alonso admits Ferrari an 'option' for future
To the English-speaking media on Thursday, Fernando Alonso swore blind that reports of a looming Ferrari switch are not true.

The Spaniard however also gave interviews at the Nurburgring to reporters in the native tongues of Spain, France and Italy.

To the Spanish sports newspaper AS, he admitted that Ferrari is an option for the future.

"I have often said that I want to be in a car that allows me to win. In 2005 and 2006 everyone dreamed of the Renault, but in the last ten seasons Ferrari have won more championships than us.

"That's why Ferrari is the option that everyone has in mind, because of their successes of the past decade. You want to go where you will have the best car," said Alonso.

In another newspaper, El Mundo, the 27-year-old insisted he has "always been ready to go to a team like Ferrari."

"What I mean is that I am not demoralized, I am not sad, I am simply in delay.
It's like in the Tour (de France). I'm now in the stage where I am reserving my energy for the mountains, because it's then that I am going to be on top," Alonso added.

He refused to predict how his native country would react to the official news that he is switching to the famous Maranello-based team.

"I don't know, I am not a fortune teller. It is necessary to have this race in Germany, to see what happens in the championship, and what happens in the future is difficult to predict," said Alonso.

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Source: GMM

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinner Tonight :)

Wanted to leave office before the peak hour surcharges starts @ 5pm but unable to because the 4pm conference lasted longer then expected & also need to complete some incomplete assignments. Why I want to leave early? Well I asked Daddy back for dinner tonight & I'm cooking!

Ya I do cook almost every day, but today got to spend a bit more effort to cook cause got guest. Else.. I will just cook some thing simple. Spend almost an hour cooking & washing up. These were my feast today.

As Cantonese, most meals must have soup. Soup of today is Chicken soup. I boiled 3 chicken drumstick into the pot with some slices of ginger & carrots. Later when the soup was done, add some egg tofu. Forgotten to de-skin the chicken, soup a bit oily.

All meals of mine must have veggies. I water boiled the Kai Lan & put aside. Then stir fried some fresh Japanese mushrooms with chopped garlic & oyster sauce. When mushroom is done, pour on top of veggies. This will make the water boiled veggies taste less blend.

Daddy loves fish, so I steamed a plate of fillets with bean paste mixed with chopped garlic. The garnishes on top are vinegar marinated ginger or 酸姜. Mommy always marinate a bottle for me when I finish the supply from the fridge. After you cooked these ginger, it does not taste that sour anymore.

What is all meal without rice. Cook 2 cups of rice & all finished by the man. I finally invested in a rice cooker after learning it takes 3 x or > energy to cook rice in a microwave oven then a generic rice cooker.

Everybody is satisfied after dinner & it ended with Burp!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Office "Garden"

The usual comments when other colleagues visit our office & they will say "Wow there are so many plants & fish tanks on almost every desk!" Frankly its really true, almost 90% of the colleagues sitting in IT area either have at least a minimum of 1 pot of plant on their desk or 1 or more fish tanks with either water plants or gold fishes or guppies or even lobster!

Side track on the lobster... The original owner resigned & left the company. Another colleague whom replaces her job also inherit the lobster. Unfortunately he got WFM yesterday & the lobster is out for adoption mention by our dear Sharon... :( One good thing is that every morning cleaner auntie will feed the lobster without fail....

Coming back to the plants! Oh yes there are plants every where. Not loosing out I also have my own as well. Let me present you with my mini office garden!

From the walkway this look like just any ordinary empty cubicle. Ya there were many colleagues whom got WFM & many pockets of empty places all around.

Well if you walk into the cube... here are all my plants!

A closer look on the plants. Let me also introduce these plants 1 by 1 to you as well.

This is actually my 1st plant. A money plant which I inherited from Winnie Teng. Sorry dear, over all these years I only manage to grow 4 stalks of leaves :(

The next plant I brought to the office - Cactus. A gift from my 6th uncle whom has such great green fingers. Anything he plants will grow fat & tall!

Ah... this one is another inheritance - from Yeow Loye after he left an African Violet. Hey YL see it is growing well & blooming with flowers since the past couple of months.

A new addition to the family. Another African Violet just potted last week. I hope it will grow well :)