Friday, March 28, 2008

Writing it short

I read this article the other day from AsiaOne & I can't help giggling over the it. Telling you thr truth, writing it short; writing it simple; writing it concise has almost becomes or rules how we actually write these days.

Tell me something, have you ever sms to some one? Yes? Of course you do! But wouldn't it be cumbersome to write in full sentence, word by word. Yes! Or writing it on short forms where the other party can understands. The later rules...

On top of this, writing on IM (Instant Messaging) on Yahoo, MSN, Skype etc... has also become part & parcel in our day to day work too. Who bothers to write a full sentence of "Can you please help me to request something .... " To write it short, it becomes " Can u pls ...."

Here are just some of the shorties...

You = u
See = c
Tomorrow = tml
Probably = prolly
Thanks = thx
Welcome = welc
Okay = k

Enjoy this article

SHORTIE, CU L8r @ *$ k?

If you can translate this string of symbols into a grammatically correct English sentence, you have probably never lived without air-conditioning, and have no clue who Pat Boon (a singer) is.

You, pal, are part of the millennium generation - people born from the mid-1980s till now.

For the uninitiated, the above reads: "Girlfriend, see you later at Starbucks, okay?"

It is such new-generation IT lingo that has spawned, a site that makes sense of text-messaging slang, converting them into proper English. And codes normal English words into text-messaging gibberish.

For one, the site has managed to translate - or destroy - poetry from Elizabeth Barrett Browning in less than five seconds. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" has morphed to: "Ow do I luv thee? Lt mi count d ways".

Sort of takes the romance out of poetry, doesn't it?

But for many teenagers, using these symbols or abbreviations is second nature. (Yes, English teachers, shudder).

So, smpl da flva (read: sample the flavour):

» Slang No. 1: Sup

Once ghetto language, it was brought to the fore by advertisements.

Like the Budweiser ads which feature a group of people screaming the greeting "Whassup". It was the ad that made the word popular among Americans, observed many media experts.

Even the greying are using it.

And in Internetville, the Whassup greeting has morphed into the shorter snappier version of "Sup". Meaning "hello" or "how are you?", Sup is used in text messages or online chat rooms as a form of friendly "Hi".

Like so: "Yo, sup, bro?"

» Slang No. 2: Srsly

A bastardised version of the term "seriously", and often used by teenagers who are just too lazy to type the word out in full. So, srsly simply means "really". Most teens attach the word at the end of a claim for effect.

Like so: "That latest hit single from R&B babe Rihanna is da bomb. Srsly."

» Slang No. 3: TMTH

Fans who caught every episode of American Idol Season 7 would have heard this slang by now - TMTH or Too Much To Handle. Contestant Danny Noriega said it after judge Simon Cowell made a caustic remark on one of his performances during the semi-finals. TMTH usually refers to an event that makes you wish the earth would swallow you up.

Like so: "My friends pushed me down the stairs in front of the entire student body. That was just so TMTH."

» Slang No. 4: Fo Sho

This term drips from the lips of youths togged out in low-rise baggy jeans, baseball shirts and a whole lot of neck-tangling bling."Fo Sho" is a term found in the hip-hop dictionary, and it simply means "definitely" or "certainly".

Like so: "Yo, u beach partyin' tonight?" "Fo sho!"

» Slang No. 5: PIR

Every parent should know this lingo. It stands for Parents In Room, the alert that teenagers use to warn their friends to stop an online chat, or to quickly change a conversation topic (probably indecent or illegal). Such as when he's is planning to cut class. Variations include: POS (Parents Over Shoulder), PAL (Parents are listening) and P911 (Parents Alert).

Like so: "PAL - I really enjoy my mathematics lessons, I can't wait to go to school every day!"

» Slang No. 6: Fly

The words "cool" and "happening" are so not "fly" anymore. The term originated from hip-hoppin' rappers who used it in the American ghettos.

Like so: "Saw the car that David was driving? New tires, polished ports and oversized turbos! Totally fly."

» Slang No. 7: Subprime

For businessmen and market analysts, subprime refers to the act of lending money to borrowers who do not have the means to return the cash. Youths understand it as "substandard" or "lacklustre".

Like so: "The service standard of that clothing store - subprime, man! Don't buy anything from that shop ever again!"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dogs Poisoned to slow & cruel death

This article was posted at our block lift area. I am very sadden reading this & cannot imagine why there are such people living within my quiet vicinity.

Frankly Sunset Way is rather a animal caring neighborhood. We have people here who feed the community cats daily (just like me), provide shelters to stray dogs & none but not least there are 3 vets & 4 shops selling pets related food or stuff.

As of today, Rajah still roams around freely but he is very human shy due to what has happen to his family. I've personally saw the family of dogs roaming around our area, they did not bother the neighbors.

STOMPer Choo says it is time we speak up for animals, which should protected and loved, just like us.

He sent us photos from an SPCA ad about two dogs, Shiloh and Shelly, which were found dead on Feb 13 near the forest in front of Block 118 Clementi Street 13.

According to the ad, the body of the third dod , Blackie, cannot be found. All the dogs were suspected to be have been poisoned between Feb 11 and Feb 11.

It says that only one dog, Rajah, survived the ordeal. The town council and the AVA has agreed to let SPCA volunteers catch and rehome Rajah.

Please contact 90090731 if you would like to support this cause or help Rajah in any way.

The SPCA urges anyone with information regarding the two dead dogs to call them at 6287 5355.

Source from STOMP

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sexy and Nice...

Every year I will not miss watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Not that I the beautiful models walking on the stage, its really the glamorous style of how the entire program is being put together.

Of course and not least I love the beauty of Victoria's Secret lingeries. They are so so so pretty and I will definitely visit the boutique whenever I am in the States.

2007 the guest singer is SEAL singing with his wife Heidi Klum but I will never forget Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back. Guys out there, stop drooling...

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Racing Season soon

After about 5 months of drought of no races since last Oct 21st race in Brazil where "Ice Man" Kimi Raikkonen won the Season 2007 champion title, its FINALLY Here!!!

This Saturday 15th of March, qualifying for Season 2008 STARTS in the Albert Park Melbourne Australia.

Awe.. can't wait for it to start and most important of all September where the race will come to Singapore.

Here is the Season Preview for 2008. Will Hamilton be the next Season Champion for 2008? Will Alonso brings back glory for Renault? Will there be a good fight for placings in the Ferrari camp? Will Force India celebrates in Bollywood style if they ever stand in the Podium? Will Nakajima hit another pit crew? HAHAHA!!!!

Let the season preview start you off for 2008... vroom...............

Thursday, March 06, 2008

What drastic Change for the Nation

It was just 2 weeks ago the entire nation celebrates the joy of success for holding the Inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010.

Last week the entire nation's security forces went berserk because of the escape of a detainee for terrorist act 2 years ago.

The Army, The Police, The Special Tasks Force, The Civil Defense, Ministers of Parliament, The Public etc.. are all in high alert.

In order for the public to help in recognizing the Victim, many descriptions of him had been published across the media like in public notice board, transport, pamphlets, SMS or MMS to all phone subscribers etc...

If you happen to see anyone that resembles below, it will be Mas Selamat (In english is translate as Safe)
Mas Safe

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Working on SUNDAY!!!!

Today is 2nd of March 2008, same as yesterday I am still being camped into this small meeting room for the sake of the Project.

Again there are more food on the table other then the laptops.

I want to go home & sleep!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Working on Saturday

Today is 1st March 2008, myself & a bunch of man are working very hard in the office.

There are lots of food on the table.

A pot of Chinese tea with compliment from me.

I have to stay till late tonight in here.

No air con & haiz....