Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Year of the "Under Dogs"?

Red Bull in Shanghai

The other day I was having this conversation with a friend whom he is also another passionate person about Formula 1. Well obviously he started watching the season way earlier then I am. In his era was Schumacher & Montoya racing side by side...

He was saying.. watching the 1st 3 race was so boring cause all the usual favorites like Ferrari, McLaren, BMW & even Renault were so badly or under performed. They either DNF or make silly mistakes where you thought only the Force India may make... (no pun intended :P)

Well look at the current moment after 3 race
  1. All the big 4 teams have not even touch pole in qualifying.
  2. None of them are in the Podium.
  3. First there is KERS then no KERS. (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems)
  4. A bad diffuser, a make shift diffuser or No diffuser.
  5. The Best of all, Ferrari is still Pointless.
Look at now, Jenson Button won 2 race! The Red Bull miraculously maiden won in Shanghai with 1 & 2 placing.

Who do you think will dominate Bahrain? Toro Rosso? Toyota? Williams? or Force India!!! All of us must really change our mind set in watching F1 in this season. Although we are in the year of OX, in F1 its the year of the Under Dogs!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bizarre "Loved" Triangle


Watching Formula 1 for the last 2 years, this is my 3rd season now, I've never seen such a bizarre race throughout the years. Look at this, its like paddling on wheels (very fast though) in a pond!

The other day I watch some highlights from the show, the commentator was interviewing a fan just before the 2009 FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX race.

He said " I love this place, the weather is great & the race will be exciting!!"

Haha I just wonder will he be regretting to say these after the race ended after 32 laps!!!

Rain is always in the schedule when it comes to Sepang. I can't recall seeing a race there without rain though. Sometimes I wonder can't someone do something on clearing & creating more drainage holes so as when the skies started to downpour (usual sight in tropical countries like us) the entire circuit does not flood like a pond?!?!?!

So much so been said, these are just some of the hilarious moments I can't stop giggling while watching the race... Which I call the Bizarre "Loved" Triangle

Incident (1) The Ferrari duos!
  • Filipe Massa has to hold his own "Miss Ella" (Umbrella) when everything calls for halt after 32. His is complaining to his mechanic & also whomever is around him. He talks, hand gestures flying all over & when he was ask to hold his own umbrella, his face fumes! What a rare sight seeing someone in a Formula 1 car & holding his own brollie...
  • Kimi Raikkonen had to retire after a wrong decision to change him into wet shoes before the rain starts! Hey whom ever dude whom made this decision has to be shot! Look at poor Kimi struggling on a dry track with wet shoes! But nonetheless he is awarded with Coke & Ice Cream + a change in cool bermuda while everybody is soaking wet in the Rain!!!
Incident (2) The obedient Drivers
  • Drivers whom follow the rules stay in the car soaking wet while waiting for a decision to be made by FIA on what were they going to do with the race. Stop it? Continue?
  • Mark Webber walking down the track talking to drivers to ensure all has an unanimous decision of stopping the race.
Incident (3) Twilight Race
  • To fit the European audience, race was started at almost late in evening. Drivers are complaining of unable to see much with the sun setting dusk. In view of the safety of the drivers & also not having the stop a race prematurely, they really have to consider again whether is it still a good idea for have the same for next year!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Call me a Kiasu!

I got this mail on 30th March.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, thank you very much for helping to make the first Formula One night race such a resounding success. With your continued support in 2009, we hope the FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX will reach even greater heights.

As you may have read in the press, we are testing the new upgraded ticketing system before we start public sales on April 9. As part of the evaluation, you have been randomly selected from the SGP database to have the option to purchase tickets before the public release. All the transactions during this period will allow us to “load” test the system.

So if you were intending to buy tickets for this year’s race, we have set aside early bird inventory exclusively for you in return for you booking during the testing period. The prices will be the same as those offered during the public sales starting April 9.

That very Night.....
Tic buys

LOL! Ain't I Fast!!! I am their testers! They are at SAT stage when they launched this. Last year during the initial period of ticket sales, there were a huge bottleneck at the Internet Booking system, ticket sales Hotline & even the physical ticketing booth.

This year, they engage SISTIC, one of Singapore's most reputable ticketing organization to handle the Sales! Everything went smooth sale & I have no problem getting my desired seats!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Cost Cutting...

During this difficult period of times, many companies are exercising cost cutting measures in order for their company stay afloat & paddle through this downturn situation.

My company being in a semiconductor industry is also not doing anything less to cut operating cost within the company.

Not mentioning all those drastic WFM (Work Force Manage) or laid off effort which has been on going almost in every other month, there had also been many other things that were done.

We have to take 5 days of annual leave during Q109 (Nov08 to Jan09) & also another 5 days in Q209 (Feb09 to Apr09). Not sure will there be the same in Q309????

No unnecessary travel can be made. Only customer visit or other crucial. But not sure why that fellow still travel down every quarter to SEA for meetings??!!????

All the corridor plants had been removed. Now the walk way looks so bare :(


There use to be paper towel dispenser in the toilet for us to wipe our hands.
Used to be

Poor me have to bring my own when I brush my teeth!

We are laughing, in the future every beginning of the year, each one of us will be issue 1 roll of toilet paper for ALL use. If you finish your quota, too bad. No more paper or you have to purchase from the paper dispenser. All proceeds land into "who else..." gross margin. hahahaha!!!!