Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its a sign... The Fall of Merrill Lynch

Please don't say that I am being bias or even superstitious. Over the last couple of weeks or months, I guess there were so many news regarding all the leading banks around the world either filing for bankruptcy or being taken over by another bank or even whatever news there is... Hearing all these really makes us wonder - are our money really safe in the banks now?!?!?!

Guess this is really up to me to decipher nor comments whereby at this moment it may really up to God Bless the Banks.

Why out of a sudden I shown interest on the current economy? Not that I am always obnoxious regarding what is happening around me, but some times I rather keep my opinion to myself as not to offend other people which may have other point of view.

Well what prompts me to write this passage is really this.... Last week I was doing my pre boxing day shopping (boost Singapore economy OK) at Marina, I come across this.

The bull

My husband being an ex Merrill Lynch says the bull is the symbol of the bank. I just wonder why is this bull so weirdly sculpted? Should it had the head facing or looking upwards just like the original Bank symbol?

The actual

I walk closer & try to see whether is there any write ups or wording to describe the sculpture & I saw this...
The sculptor

No wonder Merrill got taken over by BAC (Bank of America) & its Asia chairman is resigning!!! This is because the sculptor sculpt the bull head facing downwards which symbolize a tired & restless bull without any charge. On top of this, this sculpture was done June 2008. This is almost the beginning of the WW financial crisis.

Haiz... Bad Omen!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

It was rather "last minute" where we decided to eat at home for Christmas eve. Not wanting to pay the outrages dinner & also avoid the squeeze as well. I remember last year we invited a few friends for Christmas dinner & we ordered Cold Storage ready dinner. They were actually quite good too.

This were what I manage to whip out after an afternoon shopping at NTUC Finest.

The entire meal that I started cooking since 3pm in the afternoon
The meal

This was the platter of food which include... drunken chicken wings, sausages, honey bake ham, my homemade mash potato & white button mushrooms simmer with chicken stocks.

This is the chinese style dumpling soup from the chicken stocks balance from the chicken which I cook in the afternoon.

Then the must have veggies. Salad

Trust me I was tired after all these cooking.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ok ok I live up to my Nick...

Yes my nick is Layzze because as most friends know I am generally quite a lazy person.
It has really been a crazy month! Lots of work, lots of errands to make & it has been so overwhelmed that I almost don't have much time to do the stuff that I like to do like blogging for example :)

So what really did happen? Well I went for a holiday to China - Sanya. Scenery was nice but people wise a bit... Probably because that is a touristy place & their main source of industry is Tourism.
Anyway I will share some pics here soon. But prior to this I need to solve my photo website Photobucket. Lately it just refuse to allow me to upload :(

Then I had a change in reporting boss Again... hahahaha. I was telling my staff the other day.. in 2 year of time frame I think I change 5 bosses! Change boss also means a bit change in job scope. More things to do.

What else. Oh ya collected new car. Busy adapting to it & thinking what to change kekeke...

hmmm these are the major happenings. I will really write more soon!