Thursday, September 27, 2007

TV Ads

As you may know there are 3 Mobile Phones Network service providers in Singapore. They are M1, Singtel & StarHub. Competitions in gaining market share are fierce & lately they have such great TV commercials that can't stop me blogging about it.

I am with M1 since they enter the Singapore market in 1997. No doubt they may not be the one whom provide the cheapest rates in town, but their Customer Service Officers is really one of the BEST I've ever encounter. Always serve with a smile any time, any day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How was the celebration this year?

Trust me, if you ask me what I did for my last year birthday?!?!?! HAHAHA... I can't remember. So this year I better write it down before I get senile & ponder for long " What were the chain of events huh??" :D

This year Eric will start his 1st day of Trading being a SGX Trader on 03Sep, so we decided to take the "BIG" meal the weekend before.

There were many suggestions earlier like Japanese, Steakhouse, Buffet etc.. At the end we decided to go for Raffles Hotel - Bar & Billard Room.

Since Eric has not been there fore dinner & the last time round when I am dinner there, am very impress with the variety of food being serve.

We made a reservation for that Saturday on 7.30PM. Left the house at about 7.00PM thinking from our place to Raffles should not take us > 30 mins. We are WRONG. Took a direct route which is cutting through Orchard Road. Damn the traffic was so damn bad, we are stuck in the heavy traffic for 1 hour!

We called them to extend our reservations to 8.00PM & got to reach there at 8.30PM. We are so so late. The restaurant was full & since we are late, our reservations got occupied. However Raffles Hotel being known for honoring their guests' reservations, told us there were a few tables on desert & should be finishing soon.

Hence we sat outside to wait. While waiting... Guess what. They serve us champagne. So nice of them.. :) Well we had a good & BURP dinner at the end.

So much for dinner... what I've done on my birthday. Hmmm, I went to work & everybody who knows is my birthday ask me.. Aren't you taking leave today or are you taking half day? My reply is No...

However after lunch since there are so many similar questions, I took half day instead & everybody's reply is Finally :D

Before I left, had lunch with Keryn in Sakae Sushi @ Sun Plaza. Nice place & good food.

So its my birthday, what shall I have for dinner.. I ponder for a long while & I decided to cook! These were what I had prepared for the night.
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Here are the gifts I had gotten. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!! I LIKE IT!
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazing how creative one can be.

This morning my colleague Ruiqin forwarded these pics to me. Its really amazing how a creative mind can view things from another perspective.

I like the lamp most... So adorable. :) Can you tell these are real veggies.

What I've learn, try to see things from another angle. It may not be what it is on the first impression.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Prophecy

Before the last weekend Race in Italy, Ching Wei & I try to make a prediction of whom will clinch 1st in Podium for Monza.

I think probably Felipe Massa may come in 1st as this is the home ground for Ferrari. That is really going to be a Triumph. But too bad, he is out just after the 1st 10 laps due to a suspension problem.

However Ching Wei prophetical mind is better then me. He just had this hunch McLaren will win for this race.

Well he is indeed correct! Well done boy! hahaha!

Our boy here had been Orang Cacat for the last couple weeks.
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Well wish that he will get WELL SOON! Take care.

ps: Orang Cacat means Handicap

Saturday, September 08, 2007

No Live Coverage

Today is one of those days where Live Soccer Match rules in Star Sports.

The telecast of Monza Italy Grand Prix got delayed till 10:30PM.

So how to know what is happening in Monza now.

BBC Sports Live !!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

One of my Passions....

Have I ever mention that I have a passion for dancing? *Giggles*

What Dance? Disco? Contemporary? Folk Dancing? No. No. No. No.

It all started about > 3 years ago where I learn Line Dancing. During then I realize that my coordination between my hands & legs are ok. I don't have a 2 left feet. hehehe...

So what exactly is Line Dancing? Well its a well choreograph dance routine steps. Each songs actually had it dedicate dance routine. Don't ask me do I remember any of the songs dance steps.. Unfortunately no cause I have rather short memory.

After Line Dancing, I actually stop for quite a while on Dancing till one of my good Pal Zinc introduce me to Ballroom. *Eye Brow Raise*

I have been learning in Shawn & Gladys Dance School for almost > a year now. Started with Social dancing where it comprises of 3 basic social dances of ChaCha, Rock n Roll & Salsa. Completed both Basic & Intermediate classes. Well probably I like ChaCha the most, only can remember the basic ChaCha steps.

Following the social class, I actually completed all the Basic Latin Ballroom class of Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba & Jive. Well as the schedule of the Intermediate class does not really fit my well so I had only manage to complete the Samba Intermediate.

Can't wait for the next new classes schedule to be out!