Friday, December 28, 2007

My Fostering Youths From Malaysia & Brunei

You may have read in one of my early blog post where yearly Eric & I will participate in this SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asia Youth Program). In short this program actually sails youths from SEA countries + Japan around the region.

Its the time of the year again where this time round we have 2 nice gals from Malaysia (KL) & Brunei.

In their short 3 days stay with us, we do really enjoy ourselves much & too bad next year Nippon Maru is not sailing to Singapore as Pit Stop.

We start off the day with breakfast at Yakun
Breadfast @ Yakun

As both of our gals are Buddhist & so happen that day was 初一 from the Chinese lunar calendar, with lots of bravery I brought them to 四马路 观音庙. The human traffic were intense. We managed to make our prayers & leave within 30mins.

Straight after this, we head down to URA Centre to view the exhibition of the Singapore City Gallery.
URA City Exhibition

How can visiting Singapore without seeing Merlion & Singapore River.

Next we headed to the Esplanade where its just a stone throw away. While we are taking a stroll down to City Link, there were exhibits of children art along.
Esplanade Link way

Lastly we end our day visiting the Indoor Stadium.
Indoor Stadium

The next day its time for them to board back the ship to sail to the next destination. How can they leave Singapore without trying our famous chicken rice.

Well its really sad to bid farewell but I am happy to learn much from them.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Fruit Beer Party

Long long time ago... 3 or 4 (don't know whether the young man went that night) ole man were doing their usual rounds in Brewerkz.

Its a yearly routine for the "Ang Moh" whom turn Singaporean this year (YES!!!) running a half Marathon during the yearly event of Singapore Marathon. But for the other older man... he only started joining the Marathon a year back running 10KM.

After some booze & maybe lots of booze, the bet evolves...

Larry: " Hock Leng, if you can run half Marathon this year.. I shall drink a jug of Fruit Beer!"
Hock Leng: " *Slight Ponder* OK!!! I show you!!! HAHAHA!!!!"

Months past, all the training did well. The results for both Larry & Hock Leng turns out good.

Here goes the well waited Fruit Beer Party which was held on 21st Dec 2007.

Do we look sober?
Yes we do!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Street Magic. Illusions?

Gone with the days where David Copperfield performs great & grand magical shows like walking through the Great Wall of China, making the Statue of Liberty disappears or floating himself over Grand Canyon.

These days the in thing is Street Magic. What is Street Magic? These illusionist will perform magic on the streets with life audience or passers by seeing the entire trick happening. What is so captivating about Street Magic is, you are unable to see any loopholes. Common street magic shown on TV are card tricks, coin tricks or even fire tricks.

These years Street Magic has become so popular where in the recent Golden Horse Award or 金马奖 they invited this ABJ (American Born Japanese) Cyril Takayama to perform. No doubt its the usual card tricks, all the audience were amazed.

Can't get enough, here are some of the tricks from Cyril Takayama, David Blane & Chris Angel.

Cyril Takayama (Hamburger Trick)

David Blane (From coffee to coins)

Chris Angel (Split into half)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ultimate Winner for Survivor China

Guess who is the most scheming person amongst the group?!?!?!!?

Flight attendant Todd Herzog wins Survivor: China

NEW YORK - THE final four 'Survivor: China' contestants kept their alliance intact all season long, but only self-proclaimed schemer Todd Herzog was able to win the television reality show's $1 million (S$1.45 million) prize.

Herzog, a 22-year-old flight attendant from Pleasant Grove, Utah, bested closest allies Courtney Yates, a 26-year-old waitress from New York, and Amanda Kimmel, a 23-year-old hiking guide from Los Angeles.'I wasn't the strongest. I wasn't the smartest,' Herzog said during the finale aired on Sunday. 'But I was definitely the most strategic.'

Todd won the 15th edition of Survivor with four votes against Yates' two and Kimmel's one. None of the opposing Zhan Hu tribe members was able to penetrate their alliance with fourth-place finisher Denise Martin, a 40-year-old lunch lady from Douglas, Massachusetts.

Earlier in the season, the quartet turned on fellow original Fei Long tribe members Jean-Robert Bellande and James Clement, who possessed but didn't use either of the game's two Hidden Immunity Idols. -- AP

Sorce : AsiaOne

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cantonese Learning to speak Thai

Got this video from a colleague. Aiyoh damn funny...

However you need to understand Cantonese thou.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A stint of Being a Cab Driver

Boys & Gals out there... Don't ever attempt such act. Doesn't matter if you are late or unable to reach the destination on time, its not worth the risk.

Michael Schumacher races in a Taxi

On the verge of missing a flight, seven-time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher jumped behind the wheel of a taxi and arrived in time at the airport with his family, according to a report emanating from AFP.

Taxi driver Tuncer Yilmaz, interviewed by daily Munich newspaper Abendzeitung, said Schumacher asked him if he could drive the car himself. The now-consultant at Ferrari was accompanied by his wife and two children.

"I found myself sitting in the passenger seat with Schumi at my side. It was incredible," explained Yilmaz.

"He made incredible passes and drove at high speed through the curves," added the taxi driver, who was granted a good tip in addition to his fare.

The report was confirmed to German sports news agency SID by Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's spokeswoman.

She explained that the Schumacher family landed at an airport in Coburg, in central Germany, to take delivery of a dog from a breeder located in a nearby village.

Sources :

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Golden Compass

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Guess this Dec the movie to watch for is The Golden Compass.

In fact before the movie starts, there have been many talks regarding this movie. Other then the big cast like Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig, there were also huge moolahs that went into making the special effects on the movie.

For sure we know the armoured bear Iorek Byrnison is not real & the creation scenes on the snow are the blue screens, but no matter what it is the entire movie still captivates the majority.

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However if you think after watching the movie you will walk away with a satisfaction of conclusion, sorry to mention now is no... This is just like "Lord of the Rings", its a Trilogy!

Not sure will it be every year a feed of the dose, its something nice worth the wait.

If you are very interested to find out more regarding the movie do visit their website for details. You may also find who is your Daemon too.