Thursday, October 01, 2009

A sad day for Sports fans in Singapore

Breaking News : Singtel had won EPL Broadcast Rights for the next 3 seasons!

Today sports fans in Singapore just need to subscribe a Sports package from Starhub & all you watch Sports events will be presented in multiple Sports Channel within the same service provider. Although Singtel won the rights for Champions League, as the Live telecast times are during the wee hours in the morning. Most scoccer fanatics will call it a miss & check the internet for the results. But this is still OK....

Next year things will change!!! Major EPL will goes to Singtel but the rest will stay with Starhub!

I watches Formula 1, Eric watches EPL. We love other sports like Tennis, so what will be the consequnce???? Consumers suffer. Additional subscribtion to another Pay TV provider...
Most likely my TV console table may be filled with both service providers console plus Wii plus etc..
Argh!!!! I am not liking this!!!!

SingTel wins EPL rights

SINGTEL has won exclusive rights to the Barclays Premier League for three years, it said on Thursday.

The Singapore telecommunications company has won exclusive rights to the League for three years starting from 2010.

These include rights for mio TV, as well as the Internet and mobile. It has also secured exclusive broadcast rights to seven sports channels from ESPN STAR Sports.

Mr Allen Lew, SingTel's CEO Singapore expressed his delight at being able to bring the matches to Singapore. 'Football fans can look forward to a revolutionary way of viewing 'live' soccer matches on TV, the Internet and their mobile phones.

According to Mr Lew, users will not be charged 'more than what they are currently paying to their cable TV operator, while enjoying the convenience of SingTel's integrated platform offering.

SingTel will be working closely with the Premier League and its production partners.

This ends a bidding war between Singapore's two pay-TV giants SingTel and StarHub to broadcast live English Premier League matches live.

The deadline for submitting bids was on Tuesday and SingTel was the first to confirm its interest, releasing a two-paragraph statement at 6pm.

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brad said...

let’s wait and see the reaction of jead todt – is he the max mosley or is he something different. with ron’s comments about spygate and this win from flavio it quite clear that punishments and cases against some teams were just personal relations of max mosley.


Kristanna said...

What we will be doing is we will invite SingTel and StarHub to come in and share with us their plans and their intentions, going forward. When we have a better understanding of what they intend to do, that will put us in a better position to determine if any intervention is needed.