Sunday, June 25, 2006

A night of fun & drunks @ Wala Wala.

It was a usual Friday night where Eric & I after the usual dinner deciding where to proceed on. Then I recall all the Oracle guys with Hock Leng & Hong Siew are having fun at Wala Wala in Holland Village.

Oh well since we have not been there for a long time & it has been a while since we last party. So why not. Its Friday Night!!!. Hence straight after dinner we headed to Wala Wala.
As usual the Friday night crowd was enormous. There were a long queue outside the bar & the "bouncers" were quite fierce when we approach them mentioning to him we are one of them from the big Oracle crowd upstairs. The bouncers didn't gave a damn & say sorry we have to queue like the rest. Quickly I called Hock Leng mentioning my position & Senaka was down within a short time. After some talks with the operations Manager, we were up there with lots of angry stares from the crowd below.

This place is Happening!! Lots of crowd, lots of booze & a great band! Most of the consultants were there with Christian, Hong Siew & Hock Leng being the lonely Avagorians. However being in a place of great booze & music, it does not matter where you are from. The motto of the evening is to have FUN and LOTS of FUN!!!!

I was served with the first round of shots & coupls glasses of beer. Band starts to play & the crowd went high. Lots of bumping & jumping around. The band is magnificent. They play rocks, oldies & other nice genre. Rajeev, Akash, Mohit, Hock Leng etc... are having a hell wonderful great time with cigars being pass around.

At about almost close the midnight Ara askes for the bill & he was shocked with the amount. Not sure was too over or under his expectations, the bill came out to be about $750 Sing dollars. I didn't got to peep too much in it. Its kinda like 50 shots of tequila, 20+ jugs of beer & some food.

As the band started their 2nd set, the crowd were almost high & happy. Hong Siew being the usual sitting around to have fun, he didn't realized Jim step into the crowd in the midst of all happenings. Hock Leng kepts mumbling he's screwd having his boss seen him in such a state. LOL!!

Rajeev was totally drunk. Kept coming to Eric & I asking for forgiveness on him chewing up my 11.5.7 Jinitiators which took me a day to fix. Akash is too engross bouncign around by the stage. Poor me am busy standing behind the crowd protecting all the glasses & plates on the table. At the end of the event I drank about 3 shots of tequilas, a glass of stout & cannot remember how many glasses of beers. In addition to this, I still not able to save the 3 glasses & the plate being broke during their session of dancing or should I call jumping.. hahahaha!!!!!

Its really a fun event & I still manage to sent the drunk Hock Leng back to his carpark.... What a night :)

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