Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Interview with the Hunter

Well I took sometime the other day to update my resume since I was rather free & kinda nothing to do. Since I got it updated, might as well post it online. Trust me, throughout my entire working career I had not been updating my resume & ever thought of posting it online too.

Hence after the detail update, posted it to 3 website. Monster; JobStreet & JobsDB

I think there is no harm checking on the box for having my resume being open for view for potential employers really does makes a different. Since then till today, I do get frequent calls from Human Resource Agencies searching for potential candidates. They are also call Head Hunters :D

Today I went for this interview with Manpower Staffing. Reading their website, they are quite a huge agency located at International Plaza.

After so many years of working, this is really the 3rd Job Interview that I had went! Nervous? That is obvious! However I manage to keep my cool & answer my questions well. So will you be seeing me changing a new job soon... Not really. The potential employer is looking for some one whom had a great deal of IT knowledge. LOL!!! I have none!!!

About this Potential Employer? They mention its a MNC in Tuas dealing with Oracle. My guess is Sony where I heard they are upgrading. Your guess?!?!?! :D

Anyway I am still comfortable with my current job & bosses. They are nice people other then those peripherals :))

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