Tuesday, November 13, 2007


From a start don't ask me why they are all name as Soccer stars & MU to be exact. When I am first introduce to them, already been named by their "mommy" in that manner.

Allow me to introduce to you the 3 resident cat whom roam around my apartment void deck.

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As you can tell Beckham & Giggs are brothers (yes they are all male).

Don't get deceive by the fierce looks of Hunter. He is the most timid amongst all 3. However timid does not equate with food. He is the most greediest of all.

Beckham is more demure but friendly. Giggs has a queer character. Only comes when the food container is rattle & when he is hungry. If no hunger, no matter how hard I rattle, he will rather sleep!


CW said...

Becks & Giggs looks the same.

Layzze said...

Nope they aren't.

Becks is all white except for the brown patch on the nose & tail.

Giggs has more brown patches on its body.

Our Journey said...

i also couldn't see the difference.

Layzze said...

Thanks for visiting.

Indeed when I first met the boys, I can't tell the difference either.