Monday, May 12, 2008

The scary aspect of Mother Nature

By now you have read & hear many news or write ups for the recent Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar badly which lead the country to a devastating stage.

Just last week end, although there weren't any cyclone that hit my neighborhood, the rain & thunder did causes some damage.

It was like 3.34AM on Saturday 10th May. I was woken up by the huge storm with extremely loud thunder. The thunder were not just a single bang & dies down, it actually sounds non stop for almost more than an hour.

The next morning when I woke up, my husband told me there was a fallen tree & it hit a car.

Here was what I manage to capture from my kitchen window.

The broken tree truck hits a Renault Kangoo.
It fell

Workers clearing the fallen tree trunk & chopping it to pieces.
Workers chopping the remains
Cutting it into smaller pcs

Time for the owner of the vehicle to inspect his damages
Owner inspection

Thank goodness the it was not very severe & the vehicle is still able to drive off.
Still can drive off

This was how bad the damage to the car.
The damage


CW said...

Where did you park yours?

Layzze said...

Normally I park @ the other end of this row of cars. However that night when we came home, I decided to park the car at another car park & not this. Thank goodness.

I heard from local insurers, act of mother nature damages to the car.. cannot claim insurance one :(