Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A deep Sigh...

Guys whom knows me well knows I don't really blog about my work. Not that its not worth writing but its just too many things & too many variations like what I like or don't etc...

Over the years close colleagues of mine will know there was a "dark" time in my career. Throughout the years of organization changes, my dear bosses will try at their up most best to keep me away. I truly, deeply & gratefully thank all of them for it!

However life is always so ironical & endlessly posses great challenges to me.
Many encouragements arrives :-
  1. Forgive & Forget
  2. Embrace the Challenges & turn to a stronger character
  3. Hubby says - you always have my support no matter any decisions made.
I am going to take it all 3 & continue what I could do best.
Do you have a job for me?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


CW said...

Oooo... what happened?

Layzze said...

A change... something not expected