Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Controversies & Blunders (Spanish Grand Prix)

Do you think its team order in Brawn GP to have Jenson on 2 pit stop strategy while Rubens on 3 instead??

Wrong fuel calculation & making the same qualifying mistake again!!

These were the few questions I asked my colleagues whom are F1 fans this morning. All of them gave the same answers!

Yes its team order! Look at the face of Rubens! So unhappy. Ross Brawn was Ferrari tactician during Schumacher days! Well he did made lots of team orders Rubens then. No wonder Rubens was unhappy. Its so clearly portray they are in favor of getting Button on top of the table.

Come to think of it, I am really getting quite sick watching the race these days. Not being sour grape but just week after week Button is winning. No doubt last season it was either Hamilton or Kimi or Massa on the podium but there were still race excitements.

The blunders! Sorry I can't stop laughing..

Race Engineer: "Massa! you are consuming too much fuel for the last lap! Save fuel! Save fuel!"
Massa: "What you want me to do! I am defending my position"

I believe there must be some &^@#* which were censored.

Race Engineer: "Let it go Massa...."
Massa: "...."

Out of no where, Alonso being 16 secs behind Massa on the last lap, shot up & close the gap. He overtook Massa & there were loud roar on the grandstand. I cheer & clap at home too!!!
Go ALONSO Go!!!!

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