Monday, January 09, 2006

The lead...

Extremely frustrated I would say the day began & ended. In the midst of the day (while having a pee break in the toilet) I wonder what I am doing for this project is it worth the effort?

Am I leading the session just for the sake me being the host for the session this week? OR I am really being such a saint helping the lead to manage the team in coming up with a successful implementation 6 months later.

Will I get thank @ the end of the day with a pat on the back saying with mere heartfelt of "Good Job Done!" ??? But wait, after all these years of slogging do I really bother on the pat on the back either.

Probably I shall start putting myself as a back bencher & relax for the rest of the project. Anyway I know for sure my area is pretty taken care of. Why should I bother about the others.

Sigh.... This is really a tough job battling between the angle & devil :(

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