Saturday, January 07, 2006

My very first Blog!

It has been such "in" thing these days to own a blog. But I always puzzle, what is a blog anyway? Well my search for an answer beings. It all started from That was really funny. I had lots fun hearing the series of "zhng my car". Being a vivid car owner myself & having lots of car pals whom zhng-died their car really brought some laughter during those sleepy after lunch office hours. (Oops, my boss shall not view this blog)

The search for "What is a blog" continues.... I had read some local blog celebrities blogs like Xiexue's & Mr. Miyagi's. Theirs are really great! After some findings & researches.... I think I know what blogs are. I hope. This is some place one can express themselves via the worldwide wed in words. Long time ago, I do have this habit of writing diary but eventually stopped doing it realizing those things I'd written were only sad memories which I don't really wish to remember. *Sob*

So.. What shall I do with this blog. Vent my frustrations!. Show my joy. Share my thoughts. Whatever...

Till next time when I manage to figure out more on this.. Good bye.

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