Friday, October 19, 2007

Nothing Fantastic

Per what the title suggest, this had been a rather Nothing Fantastic Week. Well did linked some local celebrities blog site into my blog thou. :D

Although its a short work week with only 4 working days (Its a practice in Avago Technologies to have the following Monday as non work day if the the public holiday falls on the Saturday), the days just went by without me knowing.

Didn't bother to move my arse outta the house as I had suffered from shoulder & arms muscles ache for almost 3 days. They just gotten better on Thursday.

On Sunday Eric & I went to this new adventure place in Singapore. Its call Forest Adventure & its a huge playground for both Children & Adults.

Basically its an obstacle course with couple of Flying Foxes rope repelling across the nice scenic Bedok Reservoir.

Sorry I am too busy hanging within the trees by the ropes, so no photos were taken. Well if I have another opportunity to visit again, will definitely grab some pics.

Have a nice week end. :)

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