Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will there be a Night Race in Singapore?

In today's SportsCenter broadcast @ ESPNStar Channel, there is this report on whether is there a possibility of a Night Race to be held in Singapore.

As usual there are the blahs blahs blahs... 2 things that tickles my funny bone.
  1. The total estimated cost to light up the entire Singapore circuit may cost about $1 Million (Didn't mention in which currency though?). However the cost can half if they don't light up both sides of the Roads!?!?! hahaha!!!
  2. Lighting Expert - Valerio Maioli EMPHASIZE "The Singapore's Government does NOT allow him to cut any TREES along the track" hehehe!!!
Full Reports here.

F1: Lighting expert powers night race hopes
Formula One’s first ever night race looks odds-on to succeed thanks to Lighting expert Valerio Maioli.

The Italian, whom F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone depends on whenever he needs something done, revealed his grand plans to provide enough light for the race at the press conference today.

Maioli revealed that he was approached by Ecclestone to tackle the lighting problems in the garden state’s race and was intrigued by the challenge.

“I love him for his brain for ideas,” Maioli said. “He asked me is it possible to run by night? I tell him please let me study it because I think it’s a great idea but I don’t know if it’s possible – I have to study.”

After some costly research in France, Maioli managed to come up with a solution that will make it safe for the drivers and marshalls and, at the same time, make the race visible for the television cameras and the rest of the media.

The night race will require the power equivalent to almost four football stadiums or a light level of 3,000 lux. Miaoli also faced a unique problem Singapore’s roads – trees and lots of them. He has managed to mark out the trees and worked around them.

Maioli's proposed lighting system for the track involves some 1,500 lighting projectors to be powered by 12 twin-power generators. The 24 generators are expected to be fitted in "special protected areas" and will power, in addition to the lights, the PA system as well as the track's monitoring equipment, said Maioli.

SportsCenter presenter Christy Simson was impressed with Maioli’s master-plan.

“Despite his problems, Miaoli has come up with a solution that the FIA reported on very favourably in October,” said Simson. “He also invented radio communication for F1 way back in 1981. This man is a genius.”

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Singapore (espnstar.com) By - Eugene Han


CW said...

With so much power needed, I wonder will some part of Singapore be in complete dark? Will the spectators suffer from sunburn? I guess I must bring some lotion.

Layzze said...

I wonder will some part of Singapore be in complete dark?
I doubt so, you didn't know we have many giant hamsters running on wheels to generate power @ one of those hidden island?!?! hehehe...

Will the spectators suffer from sunburn?
Probably may, please be prepared with minimum SPF 50.