Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Statistic as of now...

Ok Ok.. I am blogging about Formula 1 again, bear with me. ;)

During dinner, Eric & I are discussing what is the chances for Alonso continue to clinch the season champion for 2007. Well this is not something impossible although Hamilton is almost like virtually one hand grabbing on the World Champion Trophy.

For Alonso to continue his winning regime, he needs to WIN Sinopec Chinese Grand Pix in Shanghai this Sunday & at the same time Hamilton in worst case scenario no gain of points. Then as discussing & going through the probability of points combination between Alonso & Hamilton, there is this scenario...

What if at the end of the 17 races, both of them have the same championship point? Hey don't think this is not possible ok...

So if such situation happens, then the person with the most winning races shall clinch the title. This prompts my curiosity & here are some interesting statistic I had discover.

Out of the Total 15 Races being commence since 18th March 2007

McLaren-Mercedes won 8 Races.
Ferrari won 7 Races

Fernando Alonso won 4 Races
Lewis Hamilton won 4 Races
Kimi Räikkönen won 4 Races
Felipe Massa won 3 Races

For 15 races Ferrari & McLaren dominated the entire all Podium Number 1 place.

Well 2 more races to go & we will see what comes next. :)

Here is a list of past Season Champions http://www.formula1.com/teams_and_drivers/hall_of_fame/

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