Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do you watch TV Programs?!?!?

Ever since our place got signed up for Starhub Cable, other then the usual Sports Channel where my husband will glued to the screen whenever there is a Soccer match especially Chelsea, my next favorite channel is AXN.

I like AXN mainly for the dramas & its reality shows. The all time favorites are the series of CSI (Las Vegas); CSI (New York); CSI (Miami); Lost; Nip Tuck; Ghost Whisperer. Reality are Amazing Race, Fear Factor & those from MediaCorp Channel 5 of Survivor & American Next Top Model.

Of all these listed, my favorite still be the crime solving gang of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). After watching so many seasons of CSI, there is a difference in production between the 3 although they are all produce by Jerry Bruckheimer.

CSI - Las Vegas.
Longest running CSI series from the bunch. Season 6 just completed its airing @ Channel 5. Season 7 completed its series @ AXN. Season 8 just started in the US last week.
This series has a lot more drama compare to the NY & Miami. You can see more crime solving detective & lab work. Characters played in this series are more down to earth & with crime solving attitude.

For those whom still ponder will Sara dies in the hands of miniature killer... A sneak peak & hope the series will air here soon.

CSI - New York
This series of CSI has its base in the heart of New York City. No doubt there were always saying about how snobbish New Yorkers are, but this pool of Scientist & Detectives have chemistry.

Season 3 ended @ AXN 2 weeks ago. Season 4 started fortnight ago in US. Same as CSI - Las Vegas, in season 3 there is romance between Danny Messer & Lindsay Monroe is well celebrated by the fans. They even created a website just dedicating their fond.

Not enough of CSI New York, here are some of best moments.

CSI - Miami
To tell you the truth, I find that this is the most glorified CSI out of the 3. In this series, you will see all Detectives & Lab Techs are all good looking, wears flashy clothes & even the pathologist puts on most up to style sun glasses.

On top of this, all the characters are very decent in looks & they can drives a Hummer on their job! Miami is more violent compare to the rest of the series where every episode will have a full scene of gun fighting shoot outs!

The most interest factor of this series is Horatio Caine. He loves to meddle with his sun glasses by putting it on most of the time, taking it off when he wish to make a one liner sentence & I wonder does he suffer a neck problem.

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