Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Street Magic. Illusions?

Gone with the days where David Copperfield performs great & grand magical shows like walking through the Great Wall of China, making the Statue of Liberty disappears or floating himself over Grand Canyon.

These days the in thing is Street Magic. What is Street Magic? These illusionist will perform magic on the streets with life audience or passers by seeing the entire trick happening. What is so captivating about Street Magic is, you are unable to see any loopholes. Common street magic shown on TV are card tricks, coin tricks or even fire tricks.

These years Street Magic has become so popular where in the recent Golden Horse Award or 金马奖 they invited this ABJ (American Born Japanese) Cyril Takayama to perform. No doubt its the usual card tricks, all the audience were amazed.

Can't get enough, here are some of the tricks from Cyril Takayama, David Blane & Chris Angel.

Cyril Takayama (Hamburger Trick)

David Blane (From coffee to coins)

Chris Angel (Split into half)


Sasi a.k.a Saz said...

yeah i finally watched the Golden Compass- To me it was an AWESOME show :)\\

So how`ve you been hanging out lately ??

p.s cant see the youtube clips - work firewall

Layzze said...

Glad you've watch it. I'm reading the book now, hopefully I could finish reading it prior the next show comes.

Just watched National Treasures yesterday. Another action pact movie. To me is a good follow up sequel to the last movie.

ps: Alamak go home & watch the clips. Cyril clip is rather amazing. I like that.