Monday, December 24, 2007

Fruit Beer Party

Long long time ago... 3 or 4 (don't know whether the young man went that night) ole man were doing their usual rounds in Brewerkz.

Its a yearly routine for the "Ang Moh" whom turn Singaporean this year (YES!!!) running a half Marathon during the yearly event of Singapore Marathon. But for the other older man... he only started joining the Marathon a year back running 10KM.

After some booze & maybe lots of booze, the bet evolves...

Larry: " Hock Leng, if you can run half Marathon this year.. I shall drink a jug of Fruit Beer!"
Hock Leng: " *Slight Ponder* OK!!! I show you!!! HAHAHA!!!!"

Months past, all the training did well. The results for both Larry & Hock Leng turns out good.

Here goes the well waited Fruit Beer Party which was held on 21st Dec 2007.

Do we look sober?
Yes we do!!!

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