Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pepsi Commercial - Soccer Stars

The other day when I am at the cinema, this particular commercial caught my attention.

Not that I am a super duper soccer fan (although my husband is a die hard Chelsea fan), but I am just amaze with the plot of the commercial where they had fans telling their view of the story. Having all the famous Soccer players acting it out was just superb. By the way this is also for the Euro 2008.

Following viewing this, I vaguely recall over the past years Pepsi had been producing multiple Soccer players whom they have sponsored.

One of the earliest its this - Sumo Players

Then they consequentiality had couple of fun ones like below 2.
Surfing - Do you think they all can surf so well?!?!?!?
Bavaria Beer Festival - LOL!!! I love the last part (pleat Ronaldinho hair)

While searching I found this one which I have not seen before.

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