Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you for the meal

Last Saturday I went to Terminal 3 for lunch because I need to pick up from Brother who is flying back from Tel Aviv. There are many food joints there & we decided on to this fast food place - Popeyes.

Popeyes is a fried chicken outlet. Most of my friends knows that I am a Chicken-tarian. hahaha.. My main meat intake is chicken because I does not take beef nor mutton. Pork is minimal for me as well.

After finishing the meal & enjoying my drink. A group of 3s came & sat beside us. The male of the threesome went to get their meal & came back with their feast.

Before they start, they are discussing or deliberating about something. One said, "ok ok I will say it but mine is very simple..." I went quite puzzle & listen on...

Then there are some quiet whispers.. Later I realized they are saying their grace...

Immediately I stare at my pile of chicken bones & mumble to myself as well.
"Thank you chicken for growing to be so fat so as I can eat you to fulfill my craving for today. You are so delicious"

My husband sitting in front me sigh & shake his head in dismay. He is a Christian by the way... HAHAHA.

I am soooo bad :D

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