Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dumb Blond

I told my friend the other day - I suddenly became a Dumb Blond but without the blond hair....

Incident # 1
We have this company benefit where we are allow to claim annually $450.00 SDG for any purchase or services made. However the catch is no chemical related or health harming purchases or services.

I am going on a holiday soon & bought air tickets online. The only receipt given was the e-ticket.

Me : Oh I can use my air tickets to claim the flexi benefit?!?!
Friend : Oh ya you could. Do it immediately just in case company policy starts changing.
Me : Huh???? Use my e-ticket to claim??? What if other people use my e-ticket to fly instead?? Then I will not get to go for my holiday....
Friend : Hello... to use your e-ticket, you have to present the passport as well!!!!
Me : Oh ya hor :P

Incident # 2
Talking to my travel agent who will be helping me to book my hotel.

Me : Hey Ken, I'd purchase my air ticket on line. Very cheap!
Ken : Great! I am glad you manage to secure the tickets at a good price.
Me : But hor... because its budget everything needs to pay lo.. Lugguage, Food & even Seats.
Ken : What seats?
Me : When you almost finishing your tickets purchase, they ask you which seat you wanna take ma. Each seat you chose must pay one le!
Ken : You mean you've pre-selected the seat?
Me : Ya....
Ken : Did you also select the insurance as well?
Me : Ah.. this one I smart. I didn't!!! Cause I know I can get my own travel insurance without the need of going through the Airline.
Ken : You are smart not selecting to buy insurance, but do you know you can skip the step of seat selection as well?
Me : Really?!?!
Ken : YES!!! You just need to click next & proceed. Comes the day of flight, make sure you are the first in the queue & its free seating!!!!
Me : ......

Speachless already la...

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