Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Excitement on the Track

Who say I am a weirdo that watches F1 only hoping there are some excitement like spins, crashes, overtakes etc...

Last Sunday was the first street race in Valencia. My opinion, the street circuit looks like any of the season's race track but with some buildings & a bridge to cross. *Yawn*

On the overall, its rather an empty piece of land with a circuit slam right in the middle of it. The race was rather boring & the position that qualifies returns the with the podium position as well.

Even at F1-live.com also commented on a boring race.

Formula Boredom at Valencia
no action, very little surprise

Valencia's new Formula One street circuit failed to deliver much excitement during the European Grand Prix on Sunday, the press declared.

"Ho-hum in Valencia," the International Herald Tribune headlined, panning the processional race on the streets of the Spanish port city.

Even the Spanish media did not disagree.

"A boring track," the sports daily Marca admitted, "with hardly any possibilities for overtaking."

"It was a procession, during which nothing happened, except for that which should not have happened: Alonso retiring," El Mundo Deportivo added.

All the expectation of several Safety Car periods never materialised, and podium-getters Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica finished in the positions they qualified without ever challenging one another.

"It was a Grand Prix with much glamour but no Safety Car," the newspaper lamented.
"The most exciting place was the pitlane," El Mundo said, referring to the incidents involving Ferrari.

"A boring race," Spain's Diario Sport echoed. "At this venue, pole position is crucial."

BMW Sauber test driver Christian Klien commented: "I was actually surprised that it was a relatively boring race in which nothing really happened."

"In the other categories racing here we saw some really good racing with spectacular overtaking,"
the Austrian is quoted as saying by the Credit Suisse emagazine.

Source: www.f1-live.com

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