Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ok ok I live up to my Nick...

Yes my nick is Layzze because as most friends know I am generally quite a lazy person.
It has really been a crazy month! Lots of work, lots of errands to make & it has been so overwhelmed that I almost don't have much time to do the stuff that I like to do like blogging for example :)

So what really did happen? Well I went for a holiday to China - Sanya. Scenery was nice but people wise a bit... Probably because that is a touristy place & their main source of industry is Tourism.
Anyway I will share some pics here soon. But prior to this I need to solve my photo website Photobucket. Lately it just refuse to allow me to upload :(

Then I had a change in reporting boss Again... hahahaha. I was telling my staff the other day.. in 2 year of time frame I think I change 5 bosses! Change boss also means a bit change in job scope. More things to do.

What else. Oh ya collected new car. Busy adapting to it & thinking what to change kekeke...

hmmm these are the major happenings. I will really write more soon!

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