Friday, January 30, 2009

What a way to start the 牛 Year

Last week, my status at Facebook was - Joanne broke her wrought iron gate!! Oh no!!

Isn't that great! I can have such great strength to break my own gate. Frankly I really don't know what happen. I just as usual put the keys in & open it.

It started to have some cracking sound but I ignore it. Later when I attempted to close, it can't be closed. After trying a few times (end of the day - rather slow in mind), then I saw the hinge of the gate was sheer off at the joint!

Seriously I have no idea how can this can be happening as wrought iron gates are meant to very tough & hard! Tried calling people to come & fix it but to no avail. Its either they charges me exuberant prices or no workers around...

I have no choice but live with a broken gate throughout the Chinese New Year...

See below. This is the broken hinge.
Broken Gate

And this is what it should be.
What it shld be


CW said...

Err... I broke something as well on the first day of CNY. That one more embarrassing.

Layzze said...

ya! your break was far off better then mine hahaha!