Thursday, February 26, 2009

I met an accident

I have never admit I am a safe driver. I do drive fast some times. I do beat the lights some times if I think I don't want to break abruptly. I will horn or flash at other drivers if they cut my lane or do silly things. Of all these I am still ok la.. other then does minor scratch marks accidents which was incur by me in the past, I have never met a road accident throughout my 5 years of driving.

Last Friday was dreadful. Rush back from doc appointment & have to go to my bro's place to fetch him to the airport. Ya ya .. his another x trip to Tel Aviv (Israel)

I am at the right most lane, the lights at the junction was green, I continue going...
I saw a car from the other side of the road doing a U turn WITHOUT checking on coming traffic i.e. ME!!
I horn (VERY LOUDLY & NOT letting go) & step on my brakes, the car continue to U turn..
OMG.. the car is not Stopping (almost half the car length was in my lane)!!!!
I check my mirrors & immediately sway the left.
There was contact. I can feel it. Signal to the left & we all pull over.

Eric was with me in the car. Immediately he got down of the car & check the damages.
I tell myself "Do Not Panic"... Saw the driver & I yell immediately (喂!!! 你怎么驾车的)
Translation - ooi how you drive one!!!
He knew the fault at his so there were no argument. He apologize & we took photos of both vehicles & exchange phone + IC numbers.

Damages??? Well thank goodness I did the sway to the left & both our damages were very minimal. Minor scratch marks on the right side of my bumber with minor abrasion on one of the front right rims spooks. Bumper mildly indented but not obvious at all.

This is what I meant.

Today I took leave. Got the car entire bumper patched & re-spray. Now is back as new :)
Glad all is over.


CW said...

Did you capture the photos of the other car?

Layzze said...

Nope too dark, didn't have a proper camera. But the other car was not badly damage as well.