Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Button Win

F1 beginning to be almost predictable over the last Races. Its like...

Button will take pole
Button will lead
Button will win

What happen to the rest of the drivers?
Ferrari struggled for the last 5 races of being diffuser-less. Car not performing per standard & also reliability issues.
McLaren is worst. Crappy car & Heikki Kovalainen crashes out almost every other race. Hamilton struggles with the most crappiest car throughout his entire career in racing. Overly pushes car & bang out he goes in Q1 for Monaco!
BMW don't know what happen, keep scrapping the bottom. Is it KERS or the driver???
My dear Renault - Alonso!!! haiz.. still unable to move up the grid...

Well we know the diffuser gang are doing well. When will the rest catch up????? If this going to maintain for the next few races, World Champion & Constructors Championship shall be decided Spa or Monza!

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