Thursday, May 28, 2009


You know our company wide had gotten rid of using Microsoft Exchange as our general email application & switch to Google Mail. Gmail for short. Initially when all of us started using this we really felt "Cheap". Why is it so???

Lots of functions which were so simple in MS seems like impossible in Gmail. For example
  • No drag & drop into folder.
  • No folder filing concept.
  • No sub folder concept.
  • No copy & paste from a source like picture or charts to compose mail body.
  • No nice word formatting like what we see in MS.
  • No mail attachments
  • No many many more just to name a few above.
Gmail is a web base application therefore all of us have to use Firefox & most of us here are not familiar with multiple tab browsing concept. However with these said, there are also lots benefit having us to switch. Not mention the amount of $$ being saved, also now one can read their emails any time any where if you have a browser phone & also VPN is not required to read mails as well!

Lately Google also introduce new patches that allow theme customization on the Gmail skin. What got me so facinated was the theme that I chosen actually changes its images base on the timing of the day. Come to think of it, this Gmail thingie is really not that bad after all... :)