Monday, May 04, 2009

Sakhir - Bahrain

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This was exactly how I felt watching the race. Boring. Not because there were no crashes, its just the race was so mundane.

When Button took the lead, its like almost certain if no mistake were made, he will win the race & he really did.

Was quite disappointed with Alonso where there were some good results shown on him during qualifying. Unfortunately the water pump didn't work...

Fernando Alonso gave reporters at the Sakhir circuit a scare immediately after the Bahrain Grand Prix, when he 'nearly fainted'.
The Spaniard finished eighth in the sweltering Sakhir heat, but was almost overcome by dizziness as he spoke with the media in the aftermath of the 57-lap race.

His Renault team explained that Alonso was dehydrated because his drinks pump failed to work during the race.

"He subsequently suffered from dehydration as he got out of the car. He has now fully recovered, said a statement.
Alonso concurred, telling the media he is 'fine'. He finished eighth.
"We only scored one point and so we need to improve at the next Grand Prix,"

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CW said...

Malaysian GP & Chinese GP still the best for now. Hopefully Spanish GP would be another great one.

Layzze said...

4 Grand Prix had pass, 3 of them ended berserk. The only one with clear skies was Bahrain but the extremely hot desert conditions makes the racers became "Safe". Well I do hope when the race goes back to Europe, it will be like before!

Anonymous said...