Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Year of the "Under Dogs"?

Red Bull in Shanghai

The other day I was having this conversation with a friend whom he is also another passionate person about Formula 1. Well obviously he started watching the season way earlier then I am. In his era was Schumacher & Montoya racing side by side...

He was saying.. watching the 1st 3 race was so boring cause all the usual favorites like Ferrari, McLaren, BMW & even Renault were so badly or under performed. They either DNF or make silly mistakes where you thought only the Force India may make... (no pun intended :P)

Well look at the current moment after 3 race
  1. All the big 4 teams have not even touch pole in qualifying.
  2. None of them are in the Podium.
  3. First there is KERS then no KERS. (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems)
  4. A bad diffuser, a make shift diffuser or No diffuser.
  5. The Best of all, Ferrari is still Pointless.
Look at now, Jenson Button won 2 race! The Red Bull miraculously maiden won in Shanghai with 1 & 2 placing.

Who do you think will dominate Bahrain? Toro Rosso? Toyota? Williams? or Force India!!! All of us must really change our mind set in watching F1 in this season. Although we are in the year of OX, in F1 its the year of the Under Dogs!