Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinner Tonight :)

Wanted to leave office before the peak hour surcharges starts @ 5pm but unable to because the 4pm conference lasted longer then expected & also need to complete some incomplete assignments. Why I want to leave early? Well I asked Daddy back for dinner tonight & I'm cooking!

Ya I do cook almost every day, but today got to spend a bit more effort to cook cause got guest. Else.. I will just cook some thing simple. Spend almost an hour cooking & washing up. These were my feast today.

As Cantonese, most meals must have soup. Soup of today is Chicken soup. I boiled 3 chicken drumstick into the pot with some slices of ginger & carrots. Later when the soup was done, add some egg tofu. Forgotten to de-skin the chicken, soup a bit oily.

All meals of mine must have veggies. I water boiled the Kai Lan & put aside. Then stir fried some fresh Japanese mushrooms with chopped garlic & oyster sauce. When mushroom is done, pour on top of veggies. This will make the water boiled veggies taste less blend.

Daddy loves fish, so I steamed a plate of fillets with bean paste mixed with chopped garlic. The garnishes on top are vinegar marinated ginger or 酸姜. Mommy always marinate a bottle for me when I finish the supply from the fridge. After you cooked these ginger, it does not taste that sour anymore.

What is all meal without rice. Cook 2 cups of rice & all finished by the man. I finally invested in a rice cooker after learning it takes 3 x or > energy to cook rice in a microwave oven then a generic rice cooker.

Everybody is satisfied after dinner & it ended with Burp!


Tesh said...

Looks delicious, I must say.

Kristanna said...

It make my mouth water after looking all this delicious cook.I have enjoyed alot to browse this post.Thanks.I will also make some of that today...