Friday, August 17, 2007

It's only Friday Morning

Most of the people around me knows that I drive to work everyday. Occasionally I will become a generic commuter just like anyone taking public transport like Buses, MRT or Taxi. Well today Friday the 17th, I am a generic commuter because Eric needs the car in the afternoon to run errands + send Uncle to hospital for his daily radio therapy session.

As usual I woke up the same time & felt its darker then usual mornings. Then while I go through the motion of preparing to go to work... IT POURS!!!!

Great!!! It has not been raining during the morning for many days & of all days it rains TODAY!

Well I stood there by the road looking pathetic & desperately to flag down a cab but to no avail :(. Worst of all I am suppose to pick Keryn & I really felt bad of me being so jinx.

Both of us tried to call for a taxi & when it rains either the taxis will all go on hiding or there are really there are too many people calling for it.

Lines were engage & we decided to go back home. Pointless staying in the cold wet raining. Login back @ home & will head to office later. Place on my Yahoo status "WFH till I can get a cab to work"

The best of everything was when Keryn asked me to call for a cab, I asked back.. "What's number huh?!?!?!" I have not been calling those numbers since 2004!

Well now I know:-

Comfort Taxis : 6 552 1111

SMRT Taxis : 6 555 8888

City Cab : 6 552 2222

Silver Cab : 6 363 6888

Smart Cab : 6 485 7777

Transcab : 6 555 3333

Maxi Cab / Limo : 6 452 0220


CW said...

Shame, shame. I have those numbers in my cellphone all the time.

Layzze said...

tsk tsk... I seldom call for taxi lah!

CW said...

I seldom call for cab too. However every time when I call for one, they will never return my call confirming my location. In the end, I ended up lost. I don’t know what the reason is until today.

Layzze said...

Ah boy, come to Singapore more often & you will not required a cab to bring you to the destination you wish to go ;)

CW said...

Yes, I am aware that Singapore has a reliable domestic transport infrastructure. I rely on MRT & bus services nowadays. What's the use of the cabbies if they are not required?

Layzze said...

Cabbies are for good use during raining morning days!

CW said...

What if it is a sunny day all day? I shouldn't be catching them on the road, unfortunately, I still see them on the road when the sunshine is so bright. Can you please explain further, Layzze Wong?

Layzze said...

Oh sure if it is a sunny day, taxi are every where. Getting through to the operator takes no less than a min! However when it comes to rainy working morning.. that is where all the taxi went missing!!!!