Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cell Phones... Cell Phones... Choices... Choices...

Sigh... My 5 months old Motorola V3xx starts to give me problems.
1. Lately the battery life seems to get shorter & shorter. I have to charge it like every other day.
2. SMS function seems to be quirky. Sometimes I can't even write a letter where it just gets hung. Needs reboot to get it function again.
3. Because this phone does not comes with a daily alarm scheduling feature, I have to set my wake up call in the calendar. Since I am not driving any more, so sometimes I have to wake up real early in the morning to catch a bus & train to work. Sometimes I can hitch a ride with my neighbour & so I don't need to wake up that early.
4. Etc.. There are too many...

So comes May this year, I am able to upgrade my line by having to tie myself for another 2 years with M1. Which means I can rather good deals for the mobiles.

What should I go for next? Made couple of web searching & these are the few which I think is not bad.

Poll for me. Help me to choose...

Nokia 6500 Classic
Sony Ericsson W350i
Sumsung SGH-F330