Monday, April 07, 2008

April Fool's Joke

Did you get fooled last week? Today during lunch, I heard this vicious April Fool's joke told to me regarding "Some one" and "Some guy".

Apparently the naughty played a serious work joke to both "Some one" and "Some guy". Both "Some one" and "Some guy" fell for it & got really mad when heard about its a April Fool's joke. At the end both "Some one" and "Some guy" threaten the Naughty on his next trip to Singapore, both "Some one" and "Some guy" will make the Naughty so damn drunk at Holland Village & will dump him by the phone booth. hahaha!!!

So much about some one, some guy & the naughty. The best joke I have seen this year is from BBC - The Flying Penguin.

See this.

The making of this video


MG5 said...

maybe can get someone and someguy to cross dress the drunk naughty one and tie him to a bench in the park....
best is dress him in those japanese school gal uniform.

Layzze said...

LOL!!! You are even more evil than both "Some one" and "Some guy"