Friday, April 04, 2008

Wisma's fish to get new home

Following my post on "Do you remember" in commentating the going of the Fish tank @ Wisma Atria, below is another write up from MyPaper regarding this Fishy relocation.

AFTER delighting countless babies and fascinating streams of passing shoppers and tourists for two decades, Wisma Atria's iconic fish tank will be removed.

More than 100 fish from the 20-cubic-metre tank will be moved to the Underwater World Singapore at 9am next Wednesday.

The 1.5-metre tall tank at Wisma's basement has been home to hundreds of fish spanning 12 different species since it was built in 1986, when the mall was first opened.

The move, according to Ms Amy Lim, general manager of Macquarie Pacific Star Property Management which owns the mall, is to allow the marine life to continue to thrive in a bigger andmore natural aquatic ecosystem at the oceanarium.

"We are delighted to have found a good home for the fish. While the aquarium has brought much cheer to customers at Wisma Atria over the years, we have decided to use the space to enhance the retail offering in Wisma Atria," she said.

The company declined to provide more details on future plans for the space. Underwater World Singapore's general manager Mr Kwek Meng Tiam said that the fish would be introduced to their new home with arms wide open: "Together with their 2,500 relatives here, we warmly welcome them as part of our big family."

But most shoppers my paper interviewed were reluctant to see the fish tank go.

University student Stefanie Tung, 19, said the tank reminded her of shopping trips with her mother when she was a toddler.

"The fish will probably get better care but it's such a pity. I can't visualise anything else in its place," she said.

Receptionist Ms Hani Kader, 36, said it was a popular landmark for meeting friends when she was a teenager.

Now, she brings her one-year-old son Reezwan Mas Junaidi to view the fish at least once a fortnight.

Pointing out the fish to Reezwan while the duo were taking a mid-shopping break on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Hani said: "It's too bad it won't be here when he's a teenager."

One jewellery store salesgirl at the basement level,Miss Liew Ziling, 22, has even personally christened one fish within the tank "Ah Or" for its deep black colour.

Said Miss Liew, who has been working at the mall for five years: "Must they really move the fish tank? Can you tell them not to?"

To mark the big move, Wisma Atria has lined up a week-long promotion for aquarium fans and shoppers to bid their farewells.

Shoppers can send in their fondest memories of the aquarium.

Those with the most moving stories and pictures stand to win limited edition Fish Series stamp sets and tickets to the Underwater World Singapore.

A photography station will also be set up for shoppers to take their final photographs with the aquarium fish this weekend.

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