Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am a proud owner...

the others

These were the poses during photo taking on the podium at the end of the race. Most of the time it will start with the play of National Anthem of the winning driver & constructor followed by the trophy giving ceremony.

Last weekend on the Formula 1 Grand Prix De France - Magny Cours, although the entire race was dominated by the Ferrari & eventually they won 1 & 2. The Toyota team did a very race a well.

Jarno Trulli took the first podium for this season & all of us can tell he is a very happy man.

If you notice, in normal photo taking all winners will put down their trophies, gives a winning wave & say cheese.
Jarno actually carried the champaign & his trophy all the way.
In his mind, probably he must be thinking - Better soak in as much as this moment as possible where these kind of atmosphere is hard to come by...


CW said...

I will do the same too!

Layzze said...

But this time round Barrichello didn't hug the trophy + champaign tight tight wor. Maybe he seasoned liou... Old bird on race circuit.