Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom's birthday dinner @ Plaza Market Cafe

There are many food bloggers around & so you wouldn't see me blogging much on food anyway. However I don't deny the fact that I love food although I am very choosy on what I eat.

Last Sunday 21st July, its the actual day for my mother in law birthday. Over the last couple of years, normally we go to some restaurant. This year we decided to do something different.

Well normally on dinner there will be dishes serve to us & we eat. I thought of getting buffet is because the boys are all grown up & I think they will like it.

Moreover I know my father in law also likes to eat, but he eats very fast. Maybe its a man thing.
We all went to the Fairmont Hotel (its Raffles The Plaza la..) they have change name recently...
The restaurant name is the Plaza Market Cafe & it serve Peranakan as main with also cold cuts like oyster, sashimi, prawns & other shell fishes.

Here are some of pics taken. Not that clear though as the restaurant manager is staring at me...

This is part of the main course spread

The Suhi Chef
Sushi chef

Nice Soup

After the meal

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