Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcoming the Year of Cow.

If you notice around you (in Singapore I meant :P) you will see on some open area where there grass patches, there are colorful cows "grazing".

I vaguely remember last year this media company Moove Media who are a subsidiary of Comfort Delgro did similar advertisement. Since their mascot is a cow so & ushering the year of the cow, they pull out the same trick again.

I am so fascinated with these cute cows, can't help stopping my car in a car park, walk near to them & snap these pics. Trust me, all the other drivers driving past that corner heading towards the expressway was really wondering what am I doing...

But I think the effort of taking these pics were worth it. They are really so cool & cute.



Our Journey said...

it looks as if you've edited the pics by adding a few moo moo in these pics :D

Layzze said...

Hey no leh... they are real! If i happen to pass by other places with lots of moos moos will take more pics.

You know quite cool one.. I saw at places, they really filled up the entire field with these cows!