Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bizarre "Loved" Triangle


Watching Formula 1 for the last 2 years, this is my 3rd season now, I've never seen such a bizarre race throughout the years. Look at this, its like paddling on wheels (very fast though) in a pond!

The other day I watch some highlights from the show, the commentator was interviewing a fan just before the 2009 FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX race.

He said " I love this place, the weather is great & the race will be exciting!!"

Haha I just wonder will he be regretting to say these after the race ended after 32 laps!!!

Rain is always in the schedule when it comes to Sepang. I can't recall seeing a race there without rain though. Sometimes I wonder can't someone do something on clearing & creating more drainage holes so as when the skies started to downpour (usual sight in tropical countries like us) the entire circuit does not flood like a pond?!?!?!

So much so been said, these are just some of the hilarious moments I can't stop giggling while watching the race... Which I call the Bizarre "Loved" Triangle

Incident (1) The Ferrari duos!
  • Filipe Massa has to hold his own "Miss Ella" (Umbrella) when everything calls for halt after 32. His is complaining to his mechanic & also whomever is around him. He talks, hand gestures flying all over & when he was ask to hold his own umbrella, his face fumes! What a rare sight seeing someone in a Formula 1 car & holding his own brollie...
  • Kimi Raikkonen had to retire after a wrong decision to change him into wet shoes before the rain starts! Hey whom ever dude whom made this decision has to be shot! Look at poor Kimi struggling on a dry track with wet shoes! But nonetheless he is awarded with Coke & Ice Cream + a change in cool bermuda while everybody is soaking wet in the Rain!!!
Incident (2) The obedient Drivers
  • Drivers whom follow the rules stay in the car soaking wet while waiting for a decision to be made by FIA on what were they going to do with the race. Stop it? Continue?
  • Mark Webber walking down the track talking to drivers to ensure all has an unanimous decision of stopping the race.
Incident (3) Twilight Race
  • To fit the European audience, race was started at almost late in evening. Drivers are complaining of unable to see much with the sun setting dusk. In view of the safety of the drivers & also not having the stop a race prematurely, they really have to consider again whether is it still a good idea for have the same for next year!


CW said...

Welcome to Malaysia. Funny things happens at it's best on Malaysian soil.

Layzze said...

Is that what u call Malaysia Boleh!

CW said...

Yes, the Boleh-land can do wonders.